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S.No. Course Instructor Department
1 AE311A: Compressible Aerodynamics Dr. Arun kumar P AERO
2 AE341A: Gas Turbine Propulsion Dr. A. Kushari AERO
3 AE421A: Experiments in Flight Mechanics Dr. A. K. Ghosh AERO
4 AE471A: B. Tech project Dr. Vaibhav K Arghode AERO
5 ESO206A: Principles of Biotechnology Dr. Ashwani Kumar Thakur AERO
6 CE697A: M.Tech - Seminar I Dr. K. V. Harish AERO
7 CE361A: Engg Hydrology Dr. G. Pahar CE
8 CE441B: Construction Management Dr. Sudhir Misra CE
9 CE663A: Humans, Environment, and Sustainable Development Dr. Abhishek CE
10 CE698A: M.Tech - Seminar II Dr. K. V. Harish CE
11 CE797A: Ph.D - Seminar I Dr. K. V. Harish CE
12 CE798A: Ph.D - Seminar II Dr. K. V. Harish CE
13 CE897A: MSR - Seminar I Dr. K. V. Harish CE
14 CE898A: MSR - Seminar II Dr. K. V. Harish CE
15 CE491A: Undergraduate Research II Dr. Abhas Singh CE
16 CE492A: Undergraduate Research III Dr. Abhas Singh CE
17 ESO202A: Mechanics of Solids Dr. Suparno Mukhopadhyay CE
18 CGS601A: Foundations of Cognitive Psychology Dr. Ark Verma CGS
19 CHE312A: Heat Transfer and its Application Dr. Harshwardhan Katkar CHE
20 CHE453T: Chemical Engineering Design Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
21 CHE492A: Unit Operations and Process Control Laboratory Dr. Sri Sivakumar CHE
22 CHE635A: Introduction to electrochemical engineering Dr. Raj Pala CHE
23 CHE497A: UGP DUGC (CHE), Prof. Rahul Mangal CHE
24 CHM242A/CHM341A: Basic Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Raja Angamuthu CHM
25 CHM344A/CHM343A: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments Dr. Ritika Gautam CHM
26 CHM402A: Organic Chemistry II Dr. Anand Singh CHM
27 CHM636A: Physical Photochemistry Dr. Pratik Sen CHM
28 CS202A: Mathematics For Computer Science -II Dr. Anil Seth CSE
29 ECO101A: Introduction to Economics Dr. Debayan Pakrashi ECO
30 ECO201A: Microeconomics I Dr. Deep Mukherjee ECO
31 ECO261A: Introduction to Mathematical Economics Dr. Vimal Kumar ECO
32 ECO311A: Development Economics Dr. Debayan Pakrashi ECO
33 ECO412A: International Economics and Finance Dr. S.K. Mathur ECO
34 ECO413A: Indian Economic Problems Dr. Wasim Ahmad ECO
35 ECO423A: Financial Economics Dr. Wasim Ahmad ECO
36 ECO506A: Behavioural & Experimental Economics Dr. Debayan Pakrashi ECO
37 EE301A: Digital Signal Processing Dr. Vipul Arora EE
38 EE321A: Communication Systems Dr. Govind Sharma EE
39 EE330A: Power Systems Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
40 EE360A: Power Electronics Dr. Santanu Kumar Mishra, Dr. Suvendu Samanta EE
41 EE650A: Basics of Modern Control Systems Dr. Twinkle Tripathy EE
42 ENG452A: Linguistic Typology Dr. Chaithra Puttaswamy HSS
43 PHI455A: Philosophical Logic Dr. AV Ravishankar Sarma HSS
44 SOC171A: Introductory Sociology Dr. B K Pattnaik HSS
45 IME672A: Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery Dr. Faiz Hamid IME
46 IME697A: Industrial Project Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
47 IME797A: Independent Study Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
48 MBA664A: Supply Chain Management Dr. RRK Sharma IME
49 MBA697A: Summer Project Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
50 MSO202A: Complex Analysis (Modular Course) Dr. Sudhanshu Sekhar, Dr. Saurabh Kumar Singh MATH