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S.No. Course Sort descending Instructor Department
501 PSE606A: Research In Photonics and Lasers Dr. Harshwardhan Wanare PSE
502 PSE607A: Advanced Topics In Photonics Dr. Shilpi Gupta PSE
503 PSE899: MS - Research Thesis Dr. Saurabh Mani Tripathi PSE
504 PSO201A/ PHY204A: Quantum Physics Dr. Tarun Kanti Ghosh PHY
505 PSY151B: Introduction To Psychology Dr. Shikha Dixit, Dr. Braj Bhushan HSS
506 PSY454A: Social Psychology Dr. Devpriya Kumar HSS
507 PSY470A: Psychology Of Wellbeing Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya HSS
508 PSY499A: Psychology Of Language Dr. Ark Verma HSS
509 PSY770A: Bilingualism Dr. Ark Verma HSS
510 PSY774A: Qualitative Research : Theory And Practice Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya HSS
511 PSY789A: Psy789A: Learning Memory And Cognition Dr. Devpriya Kumar HSS
512 SOC171A: Introductory Sociology Dr. Binay Kumar Pattnaik HSS
513 SOC173A: Introduction To Indian Society Dr. Munmun Jha HSS
514 SOC473A: Indian Society And Culture Dr. Anindita Chakrabarti HSS
515 SOC479A: Population, Economy And Society Dr. Esha Chatterjee HSS
516 SOC481A: Society And Social Problems Of India Dr. Pradip HSS
517 SOC482A: Sociology Of Globalization Dr. Jillet Sarah Sam HSS
518 SOC720A: Research Methods Dr. A K Sharma HSS
519 SOC721A: Sociological Theory Dr. Munmun Jha, Dr. Pradip HSS
520 SOC723A: Introduction To Statistical Inference Dr. Esha Chatterjee HSS
521 SOC742A: Sociology Of Environment Dr. Pingala Desk HSS
522 SOC753A: Sociology Of Social Mobility Dr. Pingala Desk HSS
523 SOC754A: Social Change In Contemporary India: A Sociological Perspective Dr. Pingala Desk HSS
524 SOC759A: Economy And Society Dr. Anindita Chakrabarti, Dr. Jillet Sarah Sam HSS
525 UGP-I: Ug Project Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
526 UGP-I: UG Project Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
527 UGP-I:Ug Project Dr. Anil Seth CSE
528 UGP-II: Ug Project Dr. Jonaki Sen BSBE