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S.No. Course Instructor Department
51 CE242A: Civil Engineering Materials Dr. Sudhir Misra, Dr. Gaurav Tiwari, Dr. Syam Nair CE
52 CE262A: Engineering Hydraulics Dr. Chunendra Sahu, Dr. Gourabananda Pahar CE
53 CE262P: Engineering Hydraulics Lab Dr. Chunendra Sahu, Dr. Gourabananda Pahar CE
54 CE272A: Structural Analysis Dr. Durgesh C Rai CE
55 CE332A: Under Graduate Research -I Dr. Bharat Lohani CE
56 CE352A: Foundation Design Dr. Bipin Gupta CE
57 CE372A: Reinforced Cement Concrete Design Dr. Suparno Mukhopadhyay CE
58 CE382A: Transportation Engineering Dr. Pranamesh Chakraborty, Dr. Aditya Medury, Dr. Animesh Das CE
59 CE412A: Water Supply And Wastewater Disposal Systems Dr. Vinod Tare, Dr. Purnendu Bose CE
60 CE432A: Geographical Information System Gis Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian, Dr. Salil Goel CE
61 CE462A: Hydraulic And Hydrologic Design Dr. Saumyen Guha, Dr. Shivam Tripathi, Dr. Richa Ojha CE
62 CE491A: Under Graduate Research -Ii Dr. Arghya Das CE
63 CE492A: Under Graduate Research -Iii Dr. Arghya Das CE
64 CE493A: Under Graduate Research -Iv Dr. Arghya Das CE
65 CE612A: Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Dr. Chunendra Sahu, Dr. Tushar Apurv CE
66 CE613A: Computer Methods In Hydraulics And Hydrology Dr. Saumyen Guha, Dr. Shivam Tripathi, Dr. Richa Ojha CE
67 CE614A: Stochastic Hydrology Dr. Tushar Apurv CE
68 CE622A: Stability Of Structures Dr. Amar Nath Chowdhury CE
69 CE623A: Experimental Methods In Structurl Engineering Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri CE
70 CE629A: Earthquake Analysis And Design Of Structures Dr. Chinmoy Kolay CE
71 CE632A: Foundation Analysis And Design Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra CE
72 CE635A: Foundation Dynamics Dr. Priyanka Ghosh CE
73 CE637A: Constitutive Modeling Of Frictional Materials Dr. Jagdish Sahoo, Dr. Arghya Das CE
74 CE642A: Laboratory Course In Infrastructure Engineering And Management Gi+Te Part Dr. Salil Goel, Dr. Syam Nair CE
75 CE642B: Laboratory Course In Infrastructure Engineering And Management Str Part Dr. Harish K V CE
76 CE645A: Basic Quality And Safety Management In Construction Dr. Sudhir Misra CE
77 CE663A: Humans, Environment And Sustainable Development Dr. Abhishek CE
78 CE668A: Environmental Quality & Pollution Monitoring Techniques Dr. Vinod Tare CE
79 CE669A: Atmospheric Physics And Chemistry Dr. Sachchidanand Tripathi, Dr. Tarun Gupta CE
80 CE670A: Environmental Geodesy Dr. Balaji Devaraju CE
81 CE672A: Machine Processing Of Remotely Sensed Data Dr. Onkar Dikshit CE
82 CE673A: Instrumentation, Laboratory And Field Practices In Geoinformatics Dr. Bharat Lohani CE
83 CE674A: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Gnss Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
84 CE675B: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Gnss For Surveying & Maping Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
85 CE676A: Laser Scanning And Photogrammetry Dr. Bharat Lohani CE
86 CE677B: Introduction To Inertial And Multi-Sensor Navigation Dr. Salil Goel CE
87 CE679A: Signal Processing On The Sphere Dr. Balaji Devaraju CE
88 CE698A: M.Tech Seminar 2 Dr. Arghya Das, Dr. Suparno Mukhopadhyay CE
89 CE721A: Random Vibrations Dr. Vinay Kumar Gupta CE
90 CE731A: Risk & Reliability In Geotechnical Engineering Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury, Dr. Gaurav Tiwari CE
91 CE732A: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy CE
92 CE735A: Quantitative Risk Analysis & Decision Making For Construction Managers Dr. Amarjit Singh, Dr. Sudhir Misra CE
93 CE760A: Surface Water Quality Modeling Dr. Abhas Singh CE
94 CE762B: Atmospheric Modeling Dr. Sachchidanand Tripathi CE
95 CE763A: Solid And Hazardous Waste Management Dr. Purnendu Bose CE
96 CE764A: Environment Toxicology And Risk Assessment Dr. Mukesh Sharma CE
97 CE765B: Industrial Waste Management Dr. Mukesh Sharma CE
98 CE767B: Solid Water Interfacial Processes Dr. Abhas Singh CE
99 CE771A: Adjustment Computations For Geoinformatics-Ii Dr. Onkar Dikshit CE
100 CE775A: Introduction To Road Safety Modeling Dr. Aditya Medury CE