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S.No. Course Instructor Department
101 CE698A: M.Tech Seminar 2 Dr. Harish K V, Dr. Abhas Singh CE
102 CE732A: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy CE
103 CE734A: Plastic Equilibrium In Soils Dr. Priyanka Ghosh CE
104 CE760A: Surface Water Quality Modeling Dr. Abhas Singh CE
105 CE761B: Subsurface Contaminant Fate And Transport Dr. Abhas Singh CE
106 CE763A: Solid And Hazardous Waste Management Dr. Tarun Gupta CE
107 CE764A: Environment Toxicology And Risk Assessment Dr. Mukesh Sharma CE
108 CE765B: Industrial Waste Management Dr. Mukesh Sharma CE
109 CE766A: Agricultural Sustainability And Climate Change Dr. Anubha Goel CE
110 CE771A: Adjustment Computations For Geoinformatics-Ii Dr. Onkar Dikshit CE
111 CE775A: Introduction To Road Safety Modeling Dr. Aditya Medury CE
112 CE781A: Traffic Simulation Dr. Venkatesan Kanagaraj CE
113 CE674A: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
114 CE675T: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) For Surveying & Mapping Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
115 CGS603A: Methods And Tools In Cognitive Science Dr. Devpriya Kumar CGS
116 CGS691A: Philosophical Investigations Dr. Narayanan Srinivasan CGS
117 CGS698C: Bayesian Models & Data Analysis Dr. Harish Karnick CGS
118 CGS698D: Neurobiology Of Affect & Motivation Dr. K M Sharika CGS
119 CGS703A: Self Study Project Dr. Devpriya Kumar CGS
120 CGS899: Ms - Research Thesis Dr. Narayanan Srinivasan CGS
121 CHE211A: Fluid Mechanics And Its Application Dr. Indranil Saha Dalal CHE
122 CHE221A: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Dr. Vishal Agarwal CHE
123 CHE261A: Chemical Process Industries Dr. Sri Sivakumar CHE
124 UGP-I: Ug Project Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
125 CHE352A: Chemical Process Simulation Lab Dr. Raghvendra Singh CHE
126 CHE362A: Biochemical Engineering Dr. Sanjeev Garg CHE
127 CHE381A: Process Control Dr. Nitin Kaistha CHE
128 CHE398A: Ug Project Ii Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
129 CHE454A: Unit Operations Involving Particulate Solids For Chemical Engineers Dr. Raju Kumar Gupta CHE
130 CHE497A: Under Graduate Project-Iii Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
131 CHE498A: Under Graduate Project Iv Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
132 CHE611A: Transport Phenomena Dr. Dipin Pillai CHE
133 CHE614A: Introduction To Hydrodynamic Stability Dr. Viswanathan Shankar CHE
134 CHE619A: Advanced Fluid Mechanics Dr. Naveen Tiwari CHE
135 CHE623A: Thermodynamics Of Fluids And Fluid Mixtures Dr. Jayant K Singh CHE
136 CHE631A: Chemical Reaction Engineering Dr. Animangsu Ghatak CHE
137 CHE633A: Principles Of Heterogeneous Catalysis Dr. Goutam Deo CHE
138 CHE642A: Numerical Methods In Chemical Engineering Dr. Nishith Kumar Verma CHE
139 CHE659A: Process Engg. Principles In Micro. Fabrication Dr. Siddhartha Panda CHE
140 CHE672A: Polymer Processing Dr. Harshwardhan Katkar CHE
141 CHE677A: Introduction To Physics Of Polymeric System Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
142 CHE702A: M Tech Seminar Dr. Sri Sivakumar CHE
143 CHE802A: Phd Seminar Dr. Nitin Kaistha CHE
144 CHE899: Ms - Research Thesis Dr. Naveen Tiwari CHE
145 ESO201A: Thermodynamics Dr. Raj Ganesh S Pala CHE
146 CHE349A: UG Project (UGP-I) Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
147 CHM202A: Basic Organic Chemistry -Ii Dr. Ramesh Ramapanicker CHM
148 CHM222A: Basic Physical Chemistry Dr. Nagma Parveen CHM
149 CHM242A: Basic Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Basker Sundararaju CHM
150 CHM322A/CHM422A: Physical Chemistry II Dr. Arnab Ghosh CHM