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S.No. Course Instructor Department
151 CHM609A: Principles Of Organic Chemistry Dr. Ramesh Ramapanicker CHM
152 CHM611A: Physical Organic Chemistry Dr. Anand Singh CHM
153 CHM621A: Chemical Binding Dr. Nisanth N Nair CHM
154 CHM629A: Principles Of Physical Chemistry Dr. Dasari L V K Prasad CHM
155 CHM631A: Applications Of Modern Instrumental Methods Dr. Sankar Prasad Rath, Dr. Sabuj Kumar Kundu CHM
156 CHM636A: Physical Photochemistry Dr. Pratik Sen CHM
157 CHM646A: Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Ritika Gautam CHM
158 CHM647A: Macrocycles, Rings And Polymers Dr. Anantharaman Ganapathi CHM
159 CHM648A: The Chemistry Of Metal-Carbon Bond: Structure Reactivity & Applications Dr. Jitendra Bera CHM
160 CHM649A: Principales Of Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Raja Angamuthu CHM
161 CHM650A: Statistical Mechanics & Its Appl. To Chemistry Dr. Amalendu Chandra CHM
162 CHM656A: Organic Structure Determination By Spectroscopic Techniques Dr. Manas Kumar Ghorai CHM
163 CHM664A: Modern Physical Methods In Chemistry Dr. Manabendra Chandra CHM
164 CHM681A: Basic Biological Chemistry Dr. R Gurunath CHM
165 CHM682A: Modern Chemistry And Applications Of Lanthanides Dr. Ashis Kumar Patra CHM
166 CHM685A: Molecule Radiation Interaction Dr. Arnab Ghosh CHM
167 CHM691A: Frontiers In Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Apparao Draksharapu CHM
168 CHM692A: Special Topics In Physical Chemistry Dr. Keshavamurthy Srihari CHM
169 CHM696A: Quantum Computing Dr. Debabrata Goswami CHM
170 CHM800A: General Seminar Dr. Sabuj Kumar Kundu CHM
171 CHM801A: Graduate Seminar Dr. Sabuj Kumar Kundu CHM
172 CHM102: GENERAL CHEMISTRY Dr. Madhav V. Ranganathan, Dr. Devendra Mani, Dr. Srinivas Dharavath, Dr. Basker Sundararaju CHM
173 COM200: Communication Skills: Composition Dr. Sudharshana N P, Dr. Usha Udaar COM
174 CS201A: Mathematics For Computer Science -I Dr. Manindra Agrawal CSE
175 CS300A: Technical Communication Dr. Preeti Malakar CSE
176 CS330A: Operating Systems Dr. Debadatta Mishra CSE
177 CS340A: Theory Of Computation Dr. Raghunath Tewari CSE
178 CS345A: Algorithms -II Dr. Surender Baswana CSE
179 CS350A: Principles Of Programming Langauges Dr. Amey Karkare CSE
180 CS422A: Computer Architecture Dr. Mainak Chaudhuri CSE
181 CS631A: Cyber Security Of Critical Infrastructures Dr. Sandeep Kumar Shukla CSE
182 CS637A: Embedded And Cyber-Physical Systems Dr. Indranil Saha CSE
183 CS639A: Program Analysis, Verification And Testing Dr. Subhajit Roy CSE
184 CS640A: Computational Complexity Dr. Nitin Saxena CSE
185 CS646A: Parallel Algorithms Dr. Sanjeev Saxena CSE
186 CS652A: Computer Aided Verification Dr. Pingala Admin CSE
187 CS656A: Algorithmic Game Theory Dr. Sunil Easaw Simon CSE
188 CS685A: Data Mining Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya CSE
189 CS697A: Special Topics In Computer Science Dr. Satyadev Nandakumar CSE
190 CS698C: Sketching And Sampling For Big Data Analysis Dr. Sumit Ganguly CSE
191 CS698Q: Complexity Measures For Boolean Functions Dr. Rajat Mittal CSE
192 CS698R: Deep Reinforcement Learning Dr. Ashutosh Modi CSE
193 CS698T: Introduction To Internet Of Things And Its Industrial Applications Dr. Priyanka Bagade CSE
194 CS698U: Hardware Security Of Internet Of Things Dr. Urbi Chatterjee CSE
195 CS711A: Introduction To Game Theory And Mechanism Design Dr. Swaprava Nath CSE
196 CS771A: Introduction To Machine Learning Dr. Nisheeth Srivastava CSE
197 CS797A: Special Topics In Computer Science Dr. Satyadev Nandakumar CSE
198 ESO207A: Data Structure & Algorithm Dr. Anil Seth CSE
199 CS698F: Sensing Communications and Networking for Smart Wireless Devices Dr. Amitangshu Pal CSE
200 DES601A: Design Theory Dr. Koumudi Patil DES