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S.No. Course Instructor Department
201 DES681A: Design Practice I Dr. Satyaki Roy DES
202 DES633A: Integrated Product Development-I Dr. Nachiketa Tiwari, Dr. B Bhattacharya DES
203 DES624A: Elements And Principal Of Design Dr. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy DES
204 DES602A: Design Practice I Dr. Janakarajan Ramkumar DES
205 ECO201A: Microeconomics I Dr. Vasudha Jain, Dr. Bikramaditya Datta ECO
206 ECO221A: Macroeconomics I Dr. Surajit Sinha ECO
207 ECO301A: Microeconomics Ii Dr. Sarani Saha ECO
208 ECO321A: Macroeconomics-Ii Dr. Wasim Ahmad ECO
209 ECO341A: Econometrics I Dr. Praveen Kulshreshtha ECO
210 ECO397A: Technical Communication Dr. Wasim Ahmad ECO
211 ECO411A: Industrial Economics Dr. Bikramaditya Datta, Dr. Vasudha Jain ECO
212 ECO412A: International Economics And Finance Dr. Somesh Kumar Mathur ECO
213 ECO502A: Applied Game Theory Dr. Thirumulanathan Dhayaparan ECO
214 ECO504A: Economic Analysis Of Law Dr. P Murali Prasad ECO
215 ECO507A: Managerial Economics & Business Analysis Dr. Deep Mukherjee ECO
216 ECO522A: Monetary Economics Dr. Sukumar Vellakkal ECO
217 ECO523A: Economic Growth Theory And Practice Dr. Sohini Sahu ECO
218 ECO724A: Dynamic Macroeconomics Dr. Anand Chopra ECO
219 ECO732A: Econometrics Dr. Praveen Kulshreshtha ECO
220 ECO737A: Advances In Microeconomic Theory Dr. Sarani Saha ECO
221 ECO745A: Advanced Monetary Theory Dr. Sukumar Vellakkal ECO
222 ECO747A: Environmental Economics Legislation And Social Impact Dr. P Murali Prasad ECO
223 ECO752A: Quantitative Analysis Of International Trade Dr. Somesh Kumar Mathur ECO
224 ECO756A: Programme Evaluation: Methods And Applications Dr. Sounak Thakur ECO
225 ECO423A: Financial Economics Dr. Hargungeet Singh ECO
226 ESC201A: Introduction to Electronics Dr. K S Venkatesh, Dr. S Swamy, Dr. SSK Iyer EE
227 ESC201P: Introduction to Electronics Dr. B Mazhari, Dr. Shubham Sahay, Dr. Imon Mondal EE
228 ESO203A:Introduction to Electrical Engineering Dr. Suvendu Samanta EE
229 ESO203P: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Dr. Abhijeet Mohapatra, Dr. Alok Verma, Dr. Saikat Chakrabarty EE
230 EE380A: Electrical Engineering Lab Dr. Y N Singh, Dr. B Mazhari, Dr. Rik Dey, Dr. Soumya Sahoo, Dr. R Potluri, Dr. Suvendu Samanta, Dr. P. Sensarma EE
231 EE480A: Electrical Engineering Lab Dr. Y N Singh, Dr. B Mazhari, Dr. Rik Dey, Dr. Soumya Sahoo, Dr. R Potluri, Dr. Suvendu Samanta, Dr. P. Sensarma EE
232 EE200A: Signals, Systems & Networks Dr. K S Venkatesh EE
233 EE320A: Principles Of Communication Dr. Kasturi Vasudevan EE
234 EE330A: Power Systems Dr. Alok Verma EE
235 EE370A: Digital Electronics Dr. Shubham Sahay EE
236 EE390A: Electrical Engineering Communication Skills Dr. Utpal Das EE
237 EE602A: Statistical Signal Processing-I Dr. Rajesh Mahanand Hegde EE
238 EE603A: Machine Learning For Signal Processing Dr. Vipul Arora EE
239 EE604A: Image Processing Dr. K S Venkatesh EE
240 EE605A: Introduction To Signal Analysis Dr. Govind Sharma EE
241 EE606A: Optimization For Big Data Dr. Ketan Rajawat EE
242 EE610A: Analog/Digital Vlsi Circuits Dr. Imon Mondal EE
243 EE614A: Solid State Devices I Dr. Rik Dey EE
244 EE616A: Semiconductor Device Modelling Dr. Aloke Dutta EE
245 EE617A: Industrial Automation And Control Dr. Nishchal K Verma EE
246 EE618A: Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology Dr. Amit Verma EE
247 EE621A: Representation And Analysis Of Random Signals Dr. Abhishek Gupta EE
248 EE629A: Digital Switching Dr. Yatindra Nath Singh EE
249 EE630A: Simulaton Of Modern Power Systems Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
250 EE632A: Economic Operation & Control Of Power Systems Dr. S N Singh EE