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S.No. Course Instructor Department
251 EE632A: Economic Operation & Control Of Power Systems Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
252 EE633A: Electric Power System Operation And Mgmt. Under Restructured Environment Dr. S N Singh EE
253 EE638A: Advanced Rf Antennas Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava EE
254 EE643A: Smart Antennas For Mobile Communication Dr. Pradip Sircar EE
255 EE644A: Electromagnetic Interference And Compatibility Techniques Dr. Md Jaleel Akhtar EE
256 EE648A: Microwave Circuits Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava, Dr. Md Jaleel Akhtar EE
257 EE649A: The Finite Element Method For Electric And Magnetic Fields Dr. Nandini Gupta EE
258 EE651A: Nonlinear Systems Dr. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo EE
259 EE654A: Robust Control Systems Dr. Ramprasad Potluri EE
260 EE658A: Fuzzy Set, Logic & Systems & Applications Dr. Nishchal K Verma EE
261 EE659A: Computational Aspects Of Tomographic Imaging : Models To Inversions Dr. Naren Naik EE
262 EE662A: Control Techniques In Power Electronics Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma EE
263 EE665A: Advanced Electric Drives Dr. S P Das EE
264 EE681A: Compact Modeling Dr. Yogesh Singh Chauhan EE
265 EE698A: High Frequency Analog Circuit Design Dr. Imon Mondal EE
266 EE698C: Peer To Peer Networks Dr. Yatindra Nath Singh EE
267 EE698E: Power Converters For Ev Charging Dr. Suvendu Samanta EE
268 EE698L: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Its Applications Dr. Nishchal K Verma EE
269 EE698M: Physics Of Semiconductors & Nanostructures Dr. Krishna Balasubramanian EE
270 EE698N: Introduction To Flexible Electronics Dr. Baquer Mazhari EE
271 EE698O: Analysis Of Modern Wireless Networks Dr. Abhishek Gupta EE
272 EE698P: Memory Technology & Neuromorphic Computing Dr. Shubham Sahay EE
273 EE698S: High Voltage Power Transmission Engineeering Dr. Alok EE
274 EE698T: Charge And Heat Transport In Semiconductors Dr. Rik Dey EE
275 EE698Z: Machine Learning For Wireless Communication Dr. Rohit Budhiraja EE
276 EE899: Ms - Research Thesis Dr. Ketan Rajawat EE
277 ESC201T: Introduction To Electronics Dr. Adrish Banerjee EE
278 ESO203T: Introduction To Electrical Engineering Dr. Ankush Sharma EE
279 EE647A: Microwave Measurements And Design Dr. A R Harish EE
280 EE698R: Advanced Topics In Machine Learning Dr. Vipul Arora EE
281 ES311P: Crystallography And Mineralogy Lab Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
282 ES312A: Field Geology-I Dr. Debajyoti Paul ES
283 ES313A: Geomorphology And Earth Surface Processes Dr. Rajiv Sinha ES
284 ES314A: Fundamentals Of Geophysics Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
285 ES315A: Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
286 ES392A: Under Graduate Project -Ii Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
287 ES394A: Under Graduate Project -Iv Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
288 ES413A: Geochemistry Dr. Debajyoti Paul ES
289 ES414A: Field Geology Ii Dr. Amar Agarwal ES
290 ES415A: Geological Remote Sensing And Gis Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
291 ES416A: Exploration Geophysics Dr. Dibakar Ghosal ES
292 ES418A: Field Geology Iii Dr. Dibakar Ghosal ES
293 ES419A: Hydrological Systems Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
294 ES599: Ms Project Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
295 ES644A: Remote Sensing And Gis For Geo-Resource Evaluation Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
296 ES648A: Instrumentation In Earth Sciences Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
297 ES657A: Experimental Rock Mechanics & Rock Physics Dr. Santanu Misra ES
298 ES664A: Rock Magnetism Dr. Amar Agarwal ES
299 ES667A: Geodynamics Dr. Rabiul Biswas ES
300 ES666A: Applied hydrogeology Dr. Tajdarul Syed ES