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S.No. Course Instructor Department
251 EE634A: Electrical Insulation In Power Apparatus And Systems Dr. Nandini Gupta EE
252 EE637A: Synchrophasor Technology And Its Applications Dr. Saikat Chakrabarti EE
253 EE641A: Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava EE
254 EE645A: Monolithic Microwave Ics Dr. Md Jaleel Akhtar EE
255 EE647A: Microwave Measurements And Design Dr. A R Harish EE
256 EE650A: Basics Of Modern Control Systems Dr. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo EE
257 EE651A: Nonlinear Systems Dr. Twinkle Tripathy EE
258 EE653A: Digital Control Dr. Ramprasad Potluri EE
259 EE657A: Kalman Filtering & Applications Dr. Naren Naik EE
260 EE660A: Basics Of Power Electronic Converters Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma EE
261 EE664A: Fundamentals Of Electric Drives Dr. S P Das EE
262 EE667A: Information Theory Dr. Rakesh K Bansal EE
263 EE668A: Coding Theory Dr. Adrish Banerjee EE
264 EE670A: Wireless Communications Dr. Aditya K Jagannatham EE
265 EE673A: Digital Communication Networks Dr. Subrahmanya Peruru EE
266 EE677A: Mimo Wireless Communication Dr. Rohit Budhiraja EE
267 EE678A: Power Management Circuits Dr. Santanu Kumar Mishra EE
268 EE679A: Smart Grid Technologies Dr. Ankush Sharma EE
269 EE683A: Quantum And Wave Phenomena Dr. Shilpi Gupta EE
270 EE684A: Fiber-Optic Communications Dr. Pradeep Kumar K EE
271 EE685A: Semiconductor Optical Communication Devices Dr. Utpal Das EE
272 EE698F: Rf Microelectronics Dr. Yogesh Singh Chauhan EE
273 EE705A: Intelligent Systems & Control Dr. Laxmidhar Behera EE
274 ES649A: Isotope Geochemistry And Applications Dr. Debajyoti Paul ES
275 ES311A: Crystallography And Mineralogy Dr. Rabiul Biswas, Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
276 ES400A: Communication Skills In Earth Sciences Dr. Animesh Mandal, Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
277 ES411A: Structural Geology Dr. Santanu Misra ES
278 ES412A: Sedimentary Processes & Stratigraphic Principles Dr. Rajiv Sinha ES
279 ES417A: Geological Evolution Of Indian Plate Dr. Santanu Misra ES
280 ES450A: Economic Geology Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
281 ES451A: Environmental Geology Dr. Syed Wajih Naqvi ES
282 ES453A: Microstructures In Earth Sciences Dr. Amar Agarwal ES
283 ES455A: Analytical Methods In Earth Sciences Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
284 ES644A: Remote Sensing And Gis For Geo-Resource Evaluation Dr. Tajdarul Syed ES
285 ES645A: River Science Dr. Rajiv Sinha ES
286 ES647A: Geology And Geochemistry Of Petroleum Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
287 ES650A: Communication Skills In Earth Sciences Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
288 ES651A: Mathematics For Earth Sciences Dr. Rabiul Biswas ES
289 ES655A: Solid Earth Geophysics Dr. Dibakar Ghosal ES
290 ES658A: Natural Hazards Dr. Javed N Malik ES
291 ES662A: Advanced Metamorphic Petrology Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
292 ES683A: Planetary Geomorphology: Processes And Landforms Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
293 ESO213A: Fundamentals Of Earth Sciences Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
294 ENG777A: Perspectives of the Posthuman and / in the Anthropocene Dr. T Ravichandran HSS
295 ART105A: Introduction To The Art Of Video Making Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
296 ART406A: Art Criticism: Theory And Practice Dr. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy HSS
297 ART703A: Studio Art Practices Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
298 ART709A: Topics In Indian Folk Art Dr. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy HSS
299 ENG123A: Introduction To Literature Dr. G Neelakantan HSS
300 ENG439A: Literature And Censorship Dr. Mini Chandran HSS