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S.No. Course Instructor Department
351 MBA712A: Organizational Staffing Dr. Amit Shukla IME
352 MBA713A: Performance Management Dr. Amit Shukla IME
353 MBA717A: Governance Of Global Value Chains Dr. Rahul Varman IME
354 MBA731A: Business To Business Marketing Dr. Subhankar Mukherjee IME
355 MBA736A: Strategic Marketing Communications Dr. Amit Shukla IME
356 MBA744A: Business Process Modelling Dr. Pingala Admin IME
357 MBA749A: Social Media Analytics I Dr. Shankar Prawesh IME
358 MBA752A: Time Series Modeling For Business Analytics Dr. Devlina Chatterjee IME
359 MBA753A: Causal Inference Methods For Business Analytics Dr. Subhankar Mukherjee IME
360 MBA772A: Derivative Contracts Dr. Suman Saurabh IME
361 MBA774A: Credit Risk Management & Modelling Dr. B V Phani IME
362 MBA777A: Advanced Valuation Dr. B V Phani IME
363 MBA783A: Behavioral Economics In Management Dr. Devlina Chatterjee IME
364 VLM601: Product Design And New Product Management Dr. Satyaki Roy, Dr. Deepu Philip, Dr. Manindra Agrawal IME
365 VLM602: Supply Chain Management Dr. Deepu Philip IME
366 VLM603: Advance Materials Dr. Anish Upadhyaya, Dr. Sandeep Sangal IME
367 VLM604: Automation & Robotics In Manufacturing Dr. Ashish Dutta, Dr. S P Das IME
368 VLM605: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Dr. Janakarajan Ramkumar IME
369 VLM606: Data Analysis And Decision Making Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
370 MBA666A: Project Management Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
371 MSO202A: Complex Variables Dr. Preena Samuel MATH
372 MTH102A: Mathematics - II Dr. Sachin Subhash Sharma MATH
373 MTH205A: Introduction To Fourier Series Dr. Rama Rawat MATH
374 MTH202A: Set Theory And Discrete Mathematics Dr. Nandini Nilakantan MATH
375 MTH215A: Number Theory Dr. Saurabh Singh MATH
376 MTH301A: Analysis- I Dr. Bidyut Sanki MATH
377 MTH302A: Set Theory & Logic Dr. Ashutosh Kumar MATH
378 MTH305A: Several Variable Calculus & Defferential Geometry Dr. G Santhanam MATH
379 MTH399A: Technical Communication Skills Dr. Aparna Dar MATH
380 MTH401A: Theory Of Computation Dr. Mohua Banerjee MATH
381 MTH403A: Complex Analysis Dr. Sameer Laxman Chavan MATH
382 MTH405A: Functional Analysis Dr. Satyajit Guin MATH
383 MTH409A: Computer Programming And Data Structures Dr. B V R Kumar MATH
384 MTH412A: Applied Stochastic Process Dr. Debasis Kundu MATH
385 MTH415A: Matrix Theory And Linear Estimation Dr. Subhajit Dutta MATH
386 MTH424A: Partial Differential Equations Dr. Kaushik Bal MATH
387 MTH428A: Mathematical Methods Dr. Dhirendra Bahuguna MATH
388 MTH430A: Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing Ii Dr. Akash Anand MATH
389 MTH431A: Basic Probability & Distribution Theory Dr. Suprio Bhar MATH
390 MTH432A: Introduction To Sampling Theory Dr. Shalabh MATH
391 MTH433A: Real Analysis Dr. Sasmita Patnaik MATH
392 MTH434A: Complex Analysis Dr. Abhijit Pal MATH
393 MTH511A: Statistical Simulation And Data Analysis Dr. Dootika Vats MATH
394 MTH515A: Inference - II Dr. Subhra Sankar Dhar MATH
395 MTH517A: Time Series Analysis Dr. Amit Mitra MATH
396 MTH612A: Introduction To Commutative Algebra Dr. Alok Kumar Maloo MATH
397 MTH642A: Topics In Model Theory Dr. Amit Shekhar Kuber MATH
398 MTH649A: Algebraic Topology Dr. Ashis Mandal MATH
399 MTH658A: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Dr. Malay Banerjee MATH
400 MTH669A: Ergodic Theory & Applications To Metric Number Theory Dr. Arijit Ganguly MATH