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S.No. Course Sort descending Instructor Department
401 MSE638A: Symmetry and Properties of Crystals Dr. Sandeep Sangal MSE
402 MSE639A: Interfaces and Materials Properties Dr. Krishanu Biswas MSE
403 MSE648A: Diffusion In Solids Dr. Kaustubh Narhar Kulkarni MSE
404 MSE667A: Selection and Designing With Engineering Materials Dr. Kantesh Balani MSE
405 MSE676A: Materials Failure: Analysis and Prevention Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh MSE
406 MSE683A: Crystallographic Texture & Mecrostructural Engineering Dr. Nilesh Prakash Gurao MSE
407 MSE690A: Seminar Participation Dr. Kanwar Singh Nalwa, Dr. Niraj Chawake MSE
408 MSE691A: Seminar Presentation Dr. Kanwar Singh Nalwa, Dr. Niraj Chawake MSE
409 MSO201A: Probability and Statistics Dr. Subhajit Dutta MATH
410 MTH204A(A): Abstract Algebra Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar MATH
411 MTH204A(B): Abstract Algebra Dr. Arijit Ganguly MATH
412 MTH301A: Analysis- I Dr. Sasmita Patnaik MATH
413 MTH304A: Topology Dr. Aparna Dar MATH
414 MTH308B: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing-I Dr. Akash Anand MATH
415 MTH309A: Probability Theory Dr. Suprio Bhar MATH
416 MTH392A: Under Graduate Project II Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
417 MTH393A: UGP-III: UG Project Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
418 MTH394A: Under Graduate Project IV Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
419 MTH404A: Analysis II Dr. G Santhanam MATH
420 MTH416A: Regression Analysis Dr. Sharmishtha Mitra MATH
421 MTH418A: Inference -I Dr. Amit Mitra MATH
422 MTH421A: Ordinary Differential Equations Dr. Kaushik Bal MATH
423 MTH513A: Analysis of Variance Dr. Shalabh MATH
424 MTH514A: Multivariate Analysis Dr. Minerva Mukhopadhyay MATH
425 MTH516A: Non-Parametric Inference Dr. Subhra Sankar Dhar MATH
426 MTH535A: An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis Dr. Debasis Kundu MATH
427 MTH598A: Project-I Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
428 MTH599A: Project-II Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
429 MTH611A: Algebra II Dr. Alok Kumar Maloo MATH
430 MTH613A: Rings and Modules Dr. Preena Samuel MATH
431 MTH621A: Fourier Analysis Dr. Parasar Mohanty MATH
432 MTH624A: Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups Dr. Santosh Nadimpalli MATH
433 MTH633A: Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry Dr. Abhijit Pal MATH
434 MTH641A: Introduction to Lie Algebras and Representation Theory Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
435 MTH648A: Differential Geometry Dr. Ashis Mandal MATH
436 MTH652A: Advanced Calculus Dr. Rama Rawat MATH
437 MTH653A: Integral Equations Dr. Dhirendra Bahuguna MATH
438 MTH656A: Sobolev Spaces and Applications Dr. Prosenjit Roy MATH
439 MTH668A: Introduction to Analytic Numer Theory Dr. Saurabh Singh MATH
440 MTH697A: Project-I Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
441 MTH698A: Project II Dr. Santosha Kumar Pattanayak MATH
442 MTH701A: Modal Logic Dr. Mohua Banerjee MATH
443 MTH707A: Markov Chain Monte Carlo Dr. Dootika Vats MATH
444 MTH713A: Differential Topology Dr. Bidyut Sanki MATH
445 MTH717A: ANN/ML Approach For Differential Equations Dr. B. V. R Kumar MATH
446 MTH718A: Gamma Convergence Dr. Prosenjit Roy MATH
447 MTH724A: An Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory Dr. Amit Shekhar Kuber MATH
448 MTH725A : Hilbert Space Methods In Complex Analysis Dr. Sameer Laxman Chavan MATH
449 MTH726A: Combinatorial Set Theory Dr. Ashutosh Kumar MATH
450 MTH732A: Representation Theory of Finite Groups Dr. Sachin Subhash Sharma MATH