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S.No. Course Sort descending Instructor Department
451 MTH734A: Branch Algebras- C* Algebras and Spectral Theory Dr. Satyajit Guin MATH
452 MTH751A: Algebra Dr. Pooja Singla MATH
453 MTH752A: Mathematical Methods Dr. Malay Banerjee MATH
454 MTH759A: Algebric Topology II Dr. Debasis Sen MATH
455 MTH761A: Vector Bundles and Characteristic Classes Dr. Ajay Singh Ramdin Thakur MATH
456 PHI446A: Philosophy Of Science Dr. Lalit Saraswat HSS
457 PHI450A: Philosophical Aesthetics Dr. Prashant Bhalchandra Bagad HSS
458 PHI452A: Philosophy Of Cognitive Science Dr. A V Ravishankar Sarma HSS
459 PHI752A: Problems In Philosophical Aesthetics Dr. Prashant Bhalchandra Bagad HSS
460 PHI755A: Advanced Topics In Philosophy Of Science Dr. Lalit Saraswat HSS
461 PHI774A: Social And Political Philosphy Dr. Vineet Sahu HSS
462 PHI775A: Philosophy Of Mind Dr. A V Ravishankar Sarma HSS
463 PHY301A: Energy Dr. K P Rajeev PHY
464 PHY312A: Quantum Processes in Low Dimensional Semiconductors Dr. Y N Mohapatra PHY
465 PHY399A: Technical Communication Dr. Sudeep Bhattacharjee PHY
466 PHY400A: Introduction To The Department Dr. Sagar Chakraborty PHY
467 PHY401A: Classical Mechanics I Dr. Sivasurender Chandran PHY
468 PHY412A: Statistical Mechanics Dr. Debashish Chowdhury PHY
469 PHY422A: Mathematical Methods II Dr. Arjun Bagchi PHY
470 PHY432A: Quantum Mechanics II Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti PHY
471 PHY441A: Electronics Dr. Jayita PHY
472 PHY500A: M Sc Review Project I Dr. Supratik Banerjee PHY
473 PHY501A: M Sc Review Project II Dr. Supratik Banerjee PHY
474 PHY502A: M.Sc. Review Project III Dr. Supratik Banerjee PHY
475 PHY524A: Introduction To Atomic and Nuclear Physics Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal PHY
476 PHY526A: Nuclear and Particle Physics Dr. Pankaj Jain PHY
477 PHY552A: Classical Electrodynamics I Dr. Saurabh Mani Tripathi PHY
478 PHY553A: Classical Electrodynamics II Dr. Kaushik Bhattacharya PHY
479 PHY557A: Batchlor of Science Project -III Dr. Pankaj Jain PHY
480 PHY558A: Batchlor of Science Project -IV Dr. Pankaj Jain PHY
481 PHY566A: M.Sc. Project III Dr. Satyajit Banerjee PHY
482 PHY568A: M.Sc. Project IV Dr. Satyajit Banerjee PHY
483 PHY597A: M Sc Research Project -I Dr. Anand Kumar Jha PHY
484 PHY598A: M.Sc. Research Project I Dr. Anand Kumar Jha PHY
485 PHY599A: M.Sc. Research Project II Dr. Anand Kumar Jha PHY
486 PHY602A: Review of Quantum Mechanics Dr. Joydeep Chakrabortty PHY
487 PHY604A: Review of Statistical Mechanics Dr. Sagar Chakraborty PHY
488 PHY607A: Quantum Many Body Physics Dr. Arijit Kundu PHY
489 PHY610A: Introduction To Biophotonics Dr. Pingala Desk PHY
490 PHY624A: Magnetism In Materials Dr. Anjan Kumar Gupta PHY
491 PHY631A: Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures Dr. Sudipta Dubey ( PHY
492 PHY680A: Particle Physics Dr. Debtosh Chowdhury PHY
493 PHY690K: Quantum Dynamics, Information and Computation Dr. Saikat Ghosh, Dr. Diptarka Das PHY
494 PHY690M: Advanced General Relativity and Black Holes Dr. G Sengupta PHY
495 PHY690Q: Cooperative Phenomena In Classical & Quantum Systems Dr. Amit Dutta PHY
496 PHY690V: Photonic Devices Dr. Vijaya Ramarao PHY
497 PHY690W: High Performance Computing & Machine Learning Dr. Mahendra Kumar Verma PHY
498 PHY697A: MSc Research Project -I Dr. Anand Kumar Jha PHY
499 PHY781A: High Energy Physics II Dr. Nilay Kundu PHY
500 PSE604A: Photonics Systems and Applications Dr. Utpal Das PSE