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S.No. Course Instructor Department
1 AE614A: Viscous Flows Dr. Debopam Das AERO
2 AE311A: Compressible Aerodynamics Dr. Arun Perumal AERO
3 AE686A: Helicopter Theory : Dynamics and Aeroelasticity Dr. Abhishek AERO
4 AE321A: Flight Mechanics Dr. Raghavendra Kukillaya AERO
5 AE617A: Boundary Layer Instability and Transition Dr. Navrose AERO
6 ESO204A: Fluid Mechanics and Rate Processes Dr. Sanjay Mittal AERO
7 AE331A: Introduction to Aerospace Structures Dr. Gopalakrishna M Kamath AERO
8 AE640A: Autonomous Navigation Dr. Mangal Kothari AERO
9 AE688A: Dynamics and Vibration Dr. P M Mohite AERO
10 Re-examination: AE621A Dr. Alakesh Chandra Mandal AERO
11 AE647A: Flight Dynamics Dr. Subrahmanyam Saderla AERO
12 AE649A: Automatic Control of Aircraft Rockets and Spacecraft Dr. Dipak Kumar Giri AERO
13 AE663A: Fundamentals of Combustion Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Arghode AERO
14 AE401A: Technical Communication Dr. Abhijit Kushari AERO
15 AE664A: Applied Compressible Flows Dr. Ajay Singh AERO
16 AE201A: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Dr. Abhijit Kushari AERO
17 AE720A: Hypersonic Flows Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno AERO
18 AE670A: Aerospace Structural Analysis - I Dr. Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay AERO
19 AE441A: Rocket Propulsion Dr. Sathesh Mariappan AERO
20 AE673A: Rocket and Missile Structures Dr. Sudhir Kamle AERO
21 AE747A: Molecular Gas Dynamics Dr. Sanjay Kumar AERO
22 AE675A: Introduction to Finite Element Methods Dr. C S Upadhyay AERO
23 Re-examination: ESO201A Dr. Abhijit Kushari AERO
24 AE682A: Analysis & Composite Structures Dr. C S Upadhyay AERO
25 Re-examination: AE625A Dr. Alakesh Chandra Mandal AERO
26 AE461A: Aircraft Design-I Dr. A K Ghosh AERO
27 AE777A: Optimal Space Flight Control Dr. Ashish Tiwari AERO
28 Re-examination: AE694A Dr. SATHESH MARIAPPAN AERO
29 AE601A: Intro to Aerospace Engg. Dr. Alakesh Chandra Mandal AERO
30 AE684A: Aircraft Materials and Processes Dr. Prakash D Mangalgiri AERO
31 AE602A: Mathematics for Aerospace Engg. Dr. Ashoke De AERO
32 AE610A: Aerodynamics-I Dr. Kamal Poddar AERO
33 BSE613A: Biomaterials Dr. Santosh Misra BSBE
34 BSE411A: Biomaterials Dr. Santosh Misra BSBE
35 BSE614A: Tissue Engineering Dr. Dhirendra S Katti BSBE
36 Re-examination: LIF101A Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla BSBE
37 BSE421A: Tissue Engineering Dr. Dhirendra S Katti BSBE
38 ESO206A: Principles of Biotechnology Dr. Ashwani Kumar Thakur BSBE
39 BSE631A: Biochemistry Structural Biology Dr. Ramasubbu S Ramakrishnan BSBE
40 LIF101A: Introduction to Biology Dr. Pradip Sinha BSBE
41 BSE642A: Microbiology and Immunology Dr. Saravanan Matheshwaran BSBE
42 BSE651A: Cellular Moleculer Biology Dr. Amitabha Bandyopadhyay BSBE
43 BSE301A: Scientific & Professional Communication Dr. Pradip Sinha BSBE
44 BSE311A: Molecular Cell Biology Dr. Jayandharan Giridhara Rao BSBE
45 BSE211A: Organ System, Physiology and Anatomy Dr. Mainak Das BSBE
46 BSE655A: Physiology Dr. Jonaki Sen BSBE
47 BSE653A: Functional Genomics Dr. Bushra Ateeq BSBE
48 BSE656A: Neurobiology Dr. Nitin Gupta BSBE
49 BSE492A: Methods in Biotechnology-I, Experimental Bioseperation Dr. Ashok Kumar BSBE
50 BSE321A: Structural Biology Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla BSBE