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S.No. Course Instructor Department
51 LIF101AA: Life Sciences Dr. A. Bandyopadyay, Dr. Jonaki Sen BSBE
52 Re-examination: LIF101A Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla BSBE
53 BSE411A: Biomaterials Dr. Santosh Misra BSBE
54 BSE611A: Modern Instrumental Methods in Biological Sciences Dr. Nitin Mohan BSBE
55 BSE613A: Biomaterials Dr. Santosh Misra BSBE
58 BSE421A: Tissue Engineering Dr. Dhirendra S Katti BSBE
59 Re-examination: BSE321A Dr. DIBYENDU KUMAR DAS BSBE
60 Re-examination: BSE421A Dr. SANTOSH MISRA BSBE
61 BSE614A: Tissue Engineering Dr. Dhirendra S Katti BSBE
62 Re-examination: BSE614A Dr. DHIRENDRA S KATTI BSBE
63 Re-examination: BSE615A Dr. MAINAK DAS BSBE
64 Re-examination: BSE616A Dr. ASHWANI KUMAR THAKUR BSBE
65 CE784A: Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Civil Engineering Applications Dr. Pranamesh Chakraborty CE
66 CE471A: Special Topics in Structural Design Dr. Chinmoy Kolay CE
67 CE664A: Physico-Chemical Principles and Process Dr. Abhas Singh CE
68 CE311T: Environmental Quality and Pollution Dr. Mukesh Sharma CE
69 CE605A: Probability and Statistics for Civil Engineers Dr. Shivam Tripathi CE
70 CE665A: Ecological and Biological Principles and Process Dr. Purnendu Bose CE
71 CE481A: Transportation Facilities Design Dr. Syam Nair CE
72 Re-examination: CE242A Dr. Syam Nair, Dr. Sudheer Misra CE
73 CE341A: Civil Engineering Communication Skills Dr. Gaurav CE
74 CE793A: Scientific Presentation Skills Dr. Harish K V CE
75 Re-examination: CE766A Dr. Anubha Goel CE
76 CE666A: Air Pollution and its Control Dr. Tarun Gupta CE
77 CE604A: Numerical Methods for Civil Engineers Dr. Richa Ojha CE
78 Re-examination: CE673A Dr. Onkar Dikshit CE
79 CE671A: Introduction to Remote Sensing Dr. Bharat Lohani CE
80 CE351T: Soil Mechanics Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy CE
81 Re-examination: CE352A Dr. Bipin Gupta CE
82 CE616A: Sediment Transportation Dr. Rajesh Srivastava CE
83 CE791A: Literature Search and Review Dr. Harish K V CE
84 CE491A: Under Graduate Research -Ii Dr. Anubha Goel CE
85 CE792A: Scientific Writing Skills Dr. Harish K V CE
86 Re-examination: CE262A Dr. Gourabananda Pahar CE
87 CE678A: Physical Geodesy Dr. Balaji Devaraju CE
88 CE620A: Structural Dynamics Dr. Vinay Kumar Gupta CE
89 CE683A: Traffic Engineering Dr. Partha Chakroborty CE
90 CE621A: Engineering Mechanics Dr. Sudib Kumar Mishra CE
91 CE697A: M Tech Seminar I Dr. Harish K V CE
92 CE630A: Rock Mechanics Dr. Gaurav CE
93 CE492A: Under Graduate Research -Iii Dr. Anubha Goel CE
94 Re-examination: TA101A Dr. Bharat Lohani CE
95 CE493A: Under Graduate Research -Iv Dr. Anubha Goel CE
96 CE361A: Engineering Hydrology Dr. Gourabananda Pahar CE
97 ESO202A: Mechanics of Solids Dr. Suparno Mukhopadhyay CE
98 CE603A: Mathematics For Civil Engineers Dr. Amar Nath Chowdhury CE
99 CE723A: Finite Element Methods in Civil Engineering Dr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri CE
100 CE371A: Design of Steel Structures Dr. Durgesh C Rai CE