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S.No. Course Instructor Department
101 CHE642A: Numerical Methods In Chemical Engineering Dr. Sanjeev Garg CHE
102 CHE659A: Process Engg. Principles In Micro. Fabrication Dr. Siddhartha Panda CHE
103 CHE663A: Convective Heat And Mass Transfer In Chemical Engineering Applications Dr. Nishith Kumar Verma CHE
104 CHE672A: Polymer Processing Dr. Harshwardhan Katkar CHE
105 CHE678A: Mechanics Of Soft Materials Dr. Animangsu Ghatak CHE
106 CHE684A: An Introduction To Systems Biology Dr. Raghvendra Singh CHE
107 ESO201A: Thermodynamics Dr. Raj Ganesh S Pala CHE
108 CHM202A: Basic Organic Chemistry -Ii Dr. Dattatraya H Dethe CHM
109 CHM222A: Basic Physical Chemistry Dr. Vishal CHM
110 CHM242A: Basic Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Raja Angamuthu CHM
111 CHM322A: Physical Chemistry -Ii Dr. Keshavamurthy Srihari CHM
112 CHM344A: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments Dr. Sabuj Kumar Kundu CHM
113 CHM402A: Organic Chemistry Ii Dr. Parthasarathi Subramanian CHM
114 CHM422A: Physical Chemistry Ii Dr. Keshavamurthy Srihari CHM
115 CHM442A/CHM342A: Inorganic Chemistry II Dr. Ashis Kumar Patra CHM
116 CHM443A: Inorganic Chemistry Lab Dr. Apparao Draksharapu CHM
117 CHM481A: Biosystems Dr. Dharmaraja Allimuthu CHM
118 CHM602A: Advanced Organic Chemistry Ii Dr. Manas Kumar Ghorai CHM
119 CHM609A: Principles Of Organic Chemistry Dr. V K Singh CHM
120 CHM616A: Chemistry Of Organometallic Compounds Dr. M L N Rao CHM
121 CHM622A: Chemical Kinetics Dr. Nagma Parveen CHM
122 CHM627A: Methods Of Electronic Structure Calculation Dr. Mainak Sadhukhan CHM
123 CHM629A: Principles Of Physical Chemistry Dr. Nisanth N Nair CHM
124 CHM631A: Applications Of Modern Instrumental Methods Dr. Prakash Mondal, Dr. Anantharaman Ganapathi CHM
125 CHM632A: Enzyme Reactions Mechanism And Enzyme Kinetics Dr. R Gurunath CHM
126 CHM649A: Principles Of Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Ritika Gautam CHM
127 CHM662A: Chemistry Of Natural Products Dr. Ramesh Ramapanicker CHM
128 CHM667A: Quantum Dynamics In Chemistry Dr. Arnab Ghosh CHM
129 CSO202A: Atoms, Molecules And Photons Dr. Dasari L V K Prasad, Dr. Thiruvancheril G Gopakumar CHM
130 CSO203A: Inorganic Molecules, Materials & Medicine Dr. Sankar Prasad Rath, Dr. Jitendra Bera CHM
131 CHM621A: Chemical Binding Dr. Amalendu Chandra CHM
132 CHM699A: Lasers In Chemistry And Biology Dr. Debabrata Goswami CHM
133 COM200: Communication Skills: Composition Dr. Sudharshana N P, Dr. Lakshmana Pinninti COM
134 CS202A: Mathematics For Computer Science -Ii Dr. Subhajit Roy CSE
135 CS203B: Mathematics For Computer Science -Iii Dr. Rajat Mittal CSE
136 CS220A: Computer Organization Dr. Urbi Chatterjee CSE
137 CS253A: Software Development And Operations Dr. Indranil Saha CSE
138 CS345A: Algorithms -II Dr. Anil Seth CSE
139 CS425A: Computer Networks Dr. Amitangshu Pal CSE
140 CS641A: Modern Cryptology Dr. Manindra Agrawal CSE
141 CS648A: Randomized Algorithms Dr. Surender Baswana CSE
142 CS657A: Information Retrieval Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya CSE
143 CS681A: Computational Number Theory And Algebra Dr. Nitin Saxena CSE
144 CS698I: Relational Structures In Games Dr. Sunil Easaw Simon CSE
145 CS730A: Topics In Operating Systems Dr. Debadatta Mishra CSE
146 CS743A: Advanced Graph Algorithms Dr. Sanjeev Saxena CSE
147 CS776A: Deep Learning For Computer Vision Dr. Priyanka Bagade CSE
148 CS786A: Computational Cognitive Science Dr. Nisheeth Srivastava CSE
149 CS798A: Design For Security Dr. Debapriya Roy CSE
150 DES603A: Design Practice Ii Dr. B Bhattacharya DES