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S.No. Course Instructor Department
101 CE371A: Design of Steel Structures Dr. Durgesh C Rai CE
102 CE631A: Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Dr. Bipin Gupta, Dr. Jagdish Prasad Sahoo CE
103 CE606A: Optimization Methods for Civil Engineers Dr. Amar Nath Chowdhury CE
104 CE794A: Scientific Data Analysis, Presentation And Interpretation Dr. Harish K V CE
105 CE770A: Adjustment Computations for Geoinformatics-I Dr. Onkar Dikshit CE
106 CE638T: Geotechnical Measurements and Exploration Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra CE
107 CE213A: Introduction to Environmental Science Dr. Anubha Goel CE
108 CE432A: Geographical Information System Dr. Salil Goel CE
109 CE640A: Infrastructure Asset Management Dr. Sudhir Misra CE
110 CE241A: Sustainable Built Environment Dr. Abhishek CE
111 CE772A: Reference Frames, Coordinate Systems and Map Projections Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
112 CE773B: Geodetic Astronomy and Introduction to Satellite Geodesy Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
113 CE610A: Advanced Hydrology Dr. Shivam Tripathi CE
114 CE781A: Traffic Simulation Dr. Venkatesan Kanagaraj CE
115 CE641A: Project Management Dr. Harish K V CE
116 CE611A: Advanced Hydraulics Dr. Saumyen Guha CE
117 CE653B: Advancements in Concrete Dr. Harish K V CE
118 CE654A: Concrete Science and Engineering Properties Dr. Harish K V CE
119 CE441B: Construction Management Dr. Sudhir Misra CE
120 CE782A: Analysis of Bituminous Pavements Dr. Animesh Das CE
121 CE782B: Introduction to Pavement Materials Dr. Syam Nair CE
122 CE451A: Application of Geotechnical Engineering Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury, Dr. Bipin Gupta CE
123 CGS600A: Computational Tools for Cognitive Science Nisheeth CGS
124 CGS609A: Cognitive Neuroscience Dr. K. M. Sharika CGS
125 CGS601A: Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology Dr. Narayanan Srinivasan CGS
126 CGS602A: Basic Statistics Data Analysis & Inference Harish C Karnick CGS
127 Re-examination: CHE398A Dr. RAGHVENDRA SINGH CHE
128 CHE497A: Under Graduate Project 3 Dr. Raghvendra Singh CHE
129 CHE688A: Fundm. of Colloid & Interface Sci. & Tech. Dr. Dipin S. Pillai CHE
130 Re-examination: CHE614A Dr. Viswanathan Shankar CHE
131 CHE251A: Introduction to CHE and Process Calculation Dr. Siddhartha Panda CHE
132 Re-examination: CHE391A Dr. Nishith Kumar Verma CHE
133 CHE498A: Under Graduate Project 4 Dr. Raghvendra Singh CHE
134 Re-examination: CHE221A Dr. Vishal Agarwal CHE
135 Re-examination: CHE642A Dr. Nishith Kumar Verma CHE
136 CHE300A: Chemical Engineering Communication Skills Dr. Naveen Tiwari CHE
137 CHE611A: Transport Phenomena Dr. Anurag Tripathi CHE
138 CHE312A: Heat Transfer & Its Applications Dr. H. H. Katkar CHE
139 CHE313A: Mass Transfer & Its Applications Dr. Himanshu Sharma CHE
140 CHE331A: Chemical Reaction Engineering Goutam Deo CHE
141 CHE801A: PhD Seminar Dr. Nitin Kaistha CHE
142 CHE613A: The Structure & Rheology of Complex Fluids Dr. Yogesh Moreshwar Joshi CHE
143 ESO201A: Thermodynamics Dr. Pankaj A. Apte CHE
144 CHE621A: Thermodynamics Indranil Saha Dalal CHE
145 CHE UGP I: UG Project Dr. Raghvendra Singh CHE
146 CHE398A: UG Project 2 Dr. Raghvendra Singh CHE
147 CHE631A: Chemical Reaction Engineering Dr. Nishith Kumar Verma CHE
148 CHE453T: Chemical Engineering Design Dr. Rahul Mangal CHE
149 CHE641A: Mathematical Methods In Chemical Engineering Dr. Viswanathan Shankar CHE
150 CHE463A: Electronic Polymeric & Ceramic Materials & Processing Dr. Raju Kumar Gupta CHE