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S.No. Course Instructor Department
251 ES599: Ms Project Dr. Santanu Misra ES
252 ES663A: Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Geochemistry Dr. Anupam Banerjee ES
254 ART101A: Indian Art And Civilization Dr. Rajarshi HSS
255 ART105A: Introduction To The Art Of Video Making Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
256 ART402A: Modern Art Dr. Koumudi Patil HSS
257 ART406A: Art Criticism: Theory And Practice Dr. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy HSS
258 ART701A: Methodology: Art Criticism & Appreciation Dr. Rajarshi, Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik HSS
259 ART706A: Visual Ethnography Dr. Satyaki Roy, Dr. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy HSS
260 ART708A: Research Methods In Visual Culture Dr. Koumudi Patil HSS
261 ENG125A: Introduction To Film Studies Dr. Syed Feroz HSS
262 ENG423A: Current Issues In Linguistics Dr. Achla Misri Raina, Dr. Chaithra Puttaswamy HSS
263 ENG434A: Modern British And American Novel Dr. G Neelakantan HSS
264 ENG435A: Topics In Literary Movements Dr. Mini Chandran HSS
265 ENG438A: Postcolonial Literature Dr. Sayan Chattopadhyay HSS
266 ENG436A: The Writers Vision Of The Future Dr. Suchitra Mathur HSS
267 ENG445A: Literature & The Individual Dr. T Ravichandran HSS
268 ENG467A: Syntax And Structures Of Language Dr. Usha Udaar HSS
269 ENG707A: Language Curriculum Design Dr. Lakshmana Pinninti HSS
270 ENG708A: Applied Linguistics Dr. Sudharshana N P HSS
271 ENG709A: Linguistic Analysis Dr. Usha Udaar HSS
272 ENG716A: Individual Projects Dr. Achla Misri Raina HSS
273 ENG719A: American Renaissance Dr. G Neelakantan HSS
274 ENG733A: Indian Literature Dr. Mini Chandran HSS
275 ENG735A: Commonwealth Literature Dr. Sayan Chattopadhyay HSS
276 ENG749A: Postmodern Theory And Literature Dr. T Ravichandran HSS
277 ENG763A: Language Documentation And Description Dr. Chaithra Puttaswamy HSS
278 ENG765A: Film Theory And Historiography Dr. Syed Feroz HSS
279 PHI143A: Introduction To Political Philosophy Dr. Vineet Sahu HSS
280 PHI446A: Philosophy Of Science Dr. A V Ravishankar Sarma, Dr. Lalit Saraswat HSS
281 PHI753A: Modern Logic Dr. A V Ravishankar Sarma HSS
282 PHI774A: Social And Political Philosphy Dr. Vineet Sahu HSS
283 PHI775A: Philosophy Of Mind Dr. Lalit Saraswat HSS
284 PSY470A: Psychology Of Wellbeing Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya HSS
285 SOC171A: Introductory Sociology Dr. Binay Kumar Pattnaik, Dr. Pradip Swarnakar HSS
286 SOC473A: Indian Society And Culture Dr. Munmun Jha HSS
287 SOC473B: Indian Society And Culture Dr. Anindita Chakrabarti HSS
288 SOC482A: Sociology Of Globalization Dr. Jillet Sarah Sam, Dr. Esha Chatterjee HSS
289 SOC720A: Research Methods Dr. Pradip Swarnakar, Dr. Esha Chatterjee HSS
290 SOC721A: Sociological Theory Dr. Binay Kumar Pattnaik, Dr. Munmun Jha, Dr. Jillet Sarah Sam HSS
291 IME611A: Financial Engineering Dr. Suman Saurabh, Dr. Shankar Prawesh IME
292 IME624A: Computer Aided Decision Systems Dr. Deepu Philip IME
293 IME625A: Indroduction To Stochastic Processes And Their Applications Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
294 IME634A: Management Decision Analysis Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
295 IME637A: Advanced Decision Models Dr. Sri Vanamalla V IME
296 IME639A: Analytics In Transport And Telecom Dr. Faiz Hamid IME
297 IME642A: Operations Management Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
298 IME643A: Frontiers In Operations Management Dr. Vipin B IME
299 IME671A: Software Project Management Dr. Subhas Chandra Misra IME
300 IME673A: Applied Machine Learning Dr. Veena Bansal IME