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S.No. Course Instructor Department
251 ECO737A: Advances in Microeconomic Theory Dr. Vimal Kumar ECO
252 ECO750A: Advanced Macroeconomics Dr. Wasim Ahmad ECO
253 ECO411A: Industrial Economics Dr. Praveen Kulshreshtha ECO
254 ECO752A: Quantitative Analysis of International Trade Dr. Somesh Kumar Mathur ECO
255 Re-examination: HSO201A Dr. Joydeep Dutta ECO
256 ECO301A: Microeconomics II Dr. Sarani Saha ECO
257 ECO412A: International Economics And Finance Dr. Somesh Kumar Mathur ECO
258 ECO321A: Macroeconomics-II Dr. Wasim Ahmad ECO
259 ECO756A: Programme Evaluation-Methods and Applications Dr. Sounak Thakur ECO
260 Re-examination: ECO101A Dr. Praveen Kulshreshtha ECO
261 ECO498A: Under Graduate Project-III Dr. Deep Mukherjee ECO
262 ECO501A: Environmental Economics and Policy Dr. P Murali Prasad ECO
263 ECO760A: Mathematical Analysis for Economics Dr. Joydeep Dutta ECO
264 ECO101AA: Introduction to Economics Dr. P Kulshreshtha ECO
265 ECO502A: Applied Game Theory Dr. Thirumulanathan Dhayaparan ECO
266 EE618A: Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology Dr. Amit Verma EE
267 EE604A: Image Processing Dr. K S Venkatesh EE
268 EE621A: Representation and Analysis of Random Signals Dr. Abhishek Gupta EE
269 EE605A: Introduction to Signal Analysis Dr. Govind Sharma EE
270 EE698X: Power Converters for Consumer Electronic Dr. Santanu Kumar Mishra EE
271 Re-examination: EE250A Dr. Ramprasad Potluri EE
272 EE610A: Analog/Digital Vlsi Circuits Dr. Shafi Qureshi EE
273 EE705A: Intelligent Systems & Control Dr. Laxmidhar Behera EE
274 Re-examination: EE619A Dr. Shafi Qureshi EE
275 EE320A: Principles of Communication Dr. Kasturi Vasudevan EE
276 Re-examination: EE642A Dr. KUMAR VAIBHAV SRIVASTAVA EE
277 EE667A: Information Theory Dr. Rakesh K Bansal EE
278 Re-examination: ESC201A Dr. Rakesh K Bansal EE
279 EE390A: Electrical Engineering Communication Skills Dr. Utpal Das EE
281 EE330A: Power Systems Dr. Saikat Chakrabarti EE
282 Re-examination: EE658A Dr. NISHCHAL K VERMA EE
283 EE200A: Signals, Systems & Networks Dr. Pradip Sircar EE
284 EE668A: Coding Theory Dr. Adrish Banerjee EE
285 EE370A: Digital Electronics Dr. S Sundar Kumar Iyer EE
286 EE630T: Simulaton of Modern Power Systems Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
287 Re-examination: EE698C Dr. YATINDRA NATH SINGH EE
288 EE670A: Wireless Communications Dr. Aditya K Jagannatham EE
289 EE391A: Electrical Engineering Under Graduate Project I Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
290 Re-examination: EE651A Dr. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo EE
291 EE677A: Mimo Wireless Communication Dr. Rohit Budhiraja EE
292 ESC201T: Introduction to Electronics Dr. Baquer Mazhari EE
293 Re-examination: EE210A Dr. ALOKE DUTTA EE
294 Re-examination: EE360A Dr. Santanu Kumar Mishra EE
295 EE683A: Quantum and Wave Phenomena Dr. Shilpi Gupta EE
296 ESO203T: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Dr. Alok EE
297 Re-examination: EE698I Dr. S SUNDAR KUMAR IYER EE
298 Re-examination: EE301A Dr. Vipul Arora EE
299 Re-examination: EE600A Dr. K S Venkatesh EE
300 Re-examination: EE609A Dr. Ketan Rajawat EE