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S.No. Course Instructor Department
351 MTH612A: Introduction To Commutative Algebra Dr. Sachin Subhash Sharma MATH
352 MTH613A: Rings And Modules Dr. Amit Shekhar Kuber MATH
353 MTH624A: Differentiable Manifolds And Lie Groups Dr. Ashis Mandal MATH
354 MTH633A: Introduction To Hyperbolic Geometry Dr. Abhijit Pal MATH
355 MTH635A: An Introduction To Operator Theory Dr. Sasmita Patnaik MATH
356 MTH640A: Several Complex Variables Dr. Sameer Laxman Chavan MATH
357 MTH648A: Differential Geometry Dr. G Santhanam MATH
358 MTH652A: Advanced Calculus Dr. Rama Rawat MATH
359 MTH655A: Parallel Numerical Methods Dr. B V R Kumar MATH
360 MTH656A: Sobolev Spaces And Applications Dr. T Muthukumar MATH
361 MTH665A: Asymptotic Statistics Dr. Subhajit Dutta MATH
362 MTH668A: Introduction To Analytic Numer Theory Dr. Saurabh Singh MATH
363 MTH673A: Robust Statistical Methods Dr. Subhra Sankar Dhar MATH
364 MTH689A: Linear And Non-Linear Models Dr. Satya Singh MATH
365 MTH697A: Project-I Dr. Debasis Sen MATH
366 MTH698A: Project II Dr. Debasis Sen MATH
367 MTH700A: MS Project - 4 Dr. Debasis Sen MATH
368 MTH701A: Modal Logic Dr. Mohua Banerjee MATH
369 MTH720A: Numerical Solution Of Integral Equations Dr. Akash Anand MATH
370 MTH732A: Representation Theory Of Finite Groups Dr. Somnath Jha MATH
371 MTH751A: Algebra Dr. Pooja Singla MATH
372 MTH752A: Mathematical Methods Dr. Dhirendra Bahuguna MATH
373 MTH770A: Numerical Techniques For Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Dr. Malay Banerjee MATH
374 MTH686A: Non-Linear Regression Dr. Debasis Kundu MATH
375 ME222A: Nature And Properties Of Materials Dr. Chandraprakash Chindam ME
376 ME231A: Fluid Mechanics Dr. Sachin Y Shinde ME
377 ME341A: Heat & Mass Transfer Dr. Gautam Biswas ME
378 ME351A: Design Of Machine Elements Dr. P Venkitanarayanan ME
379 ME354A: Vibration & Control Dr. Akhilesh Mimani ME
380 ME461A: Manufacturing Systems Dr. Janakarajan Ramkumar ME
381 ME622A: Introduction To Continuum Mechanics Dr. Anurag Gupta ME
382 ME623A: Finite Element Methods In Engineering Mechanics Dr. Ushasi Roy ME
383 ME624A: Calculus Of Variations Dr. Basant Lal Sharma ME
384 ME626A: Vibration Of Continuous Systems Dr. Shakti Singh Gupta ME
385 ME630A: Computational Fluid Dynamics And Heat Transfer Dr. Malay Kumar Das ME
386 ME634A: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Dr. Subrata Sarkar ME
387 ME642A: Convective Heat And Mass Transfer Dr. Umesh Madanan ME
388 ME643A: Combustion Dr. Santanu De ME
389 ME647A: Introduction To Turbulent Flow Dr. Arun Kumar Saha ME
390 ME648A: Computer Aided Design Of Thermal Systems Dr. P S Ghoshdastidar ME
391 ME649A: Experimental Methods In Thermal Sciences Dr. Aditya Saurabh ME
392 ME660A: Railroad Vehicle Dynamics Dr. N S Vyas ME
393 ME664A: Fundamentals Of Casting & Solidification Dr. Arvind Kumar ME
394 ME666A: Inviscid Flows Dr. Pranav Joshi ME
395 ME676A: Non - Linear Finite Element Methods In Solid Mechanics Dr. Sumit Basu ME
396 ME685A: Applied Numerical Methods Dr. K Muralidhar ME
397 ME686A: Energy Storage Systems Dr. Jishnu Bhattacharya ME
398 ME689A: Microscale Thermal Engineering Dr. Pradipta K Panigrahi ME
399 ME690A: Alternative Fuels & Advance In Ic Engines Dr. Avinash Kumar Agarwal ME
400 ME698G: Deep Learning In Mechanical Sciences Dr. Anikesh Pal ME