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S.No. Course Instructor Department
351 ENG777A: Perspectives of the Posthuman and / in the Anthropocene Dr. T. Ravichandran HSS
352 PSY794A: Disaster Mental Health Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya HSS
353 Re-examination: PHI452A Dr. A V R Sarma HSS
354 ENG437A: Indian Literature Dr. Mini Chandran HSS
355 SOC171B: Introductory Sociology Dr. Binay Kumar Pattnaik HSS
356 ENG707A: Language Curriculum Design Dr. Sudharshana N P HSS
357 ENG408A: Second Language Acquisition Dr. Sudharshana N P HSS
358 ENG125A: Introduction to Film Studies Dr. Syed Feroz HSS
359 PSY798A: Advanced Course in Social Cognition Dr. Shikha Dixit HSS
360 Re-examination: SOC481A Dr. Pradip HSS
361 Re-examination: ENG448A Dr. Chaithra Puttaswamy HSS
362 Re-examination: ENG124A Dr. ACHLA MISRI RAINA HSS
363 ENG434A: Modern British and American Novel Dr. G. Neelakantan HSS
364 SOC173A: Introduction to Indian Society Dr. Munmun Jha HSS
365 EDT: English diagnostic test 2020 Dr. N P Sudharshana, Dr. Gurumurthy Neelakantan, Dr. Mini Chandran HSS
366 SOC473A: Indian Society and Culture Dr. Anindita Chakrabarti HSS
367 SOC481A: Society and Social Problems of India Dr. Pradip Swarnakar HSS
368 PHI450A: Philosophical Aesthetics Dr. Prashant Bhalchandra Bagad HSS
369 English: Prep ENG Dr. Mini Chandran, Dr. Suchitra Mathur HSS
370 SOC482A: Sociology of Globalization Dr. Jillet Sarah Sam HSS
371 PHI455A: Philosophical Logic Dr. A. V. Ravishankar Sarma HSS
372 SOC720A: Research Methods Dr. Binay Kumar Pattnaik HSS
373 SOC724A: Urban Sociology Dr. Jillet Sarah Sam HSS
374 PHI757A: Moral Judgement Dr. Vineet Sahu HSS
375 Re-examination: PSY468A Dr. Shikha Dixit HSS
376 ENG736A: The Generative Enterprise : Goals And Methodology Dr. Usha Udaar HSS
377 SOC745A: Social Theory in Late Twentieth Century Dr. A. K. Sharma HSS
378 ART102A: Introduction to Art Apreciation & Criticism Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
379 PHI768A: Modal Logic Dr. A V Ravishankar Sarma HSS
380 ENG742A: Responsible Dissent Dr. Suchitra Mathur HSS
381 SOC757A: Law and Social Change Dr. Munmun Jha HSS
382 Re-examination: PSY152A Dr. DEVPRIYA KUMAR HSS
383 ART402A: Modern Art Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik HSS
384 PHI785A: Plato Dr. Prashant Bhalchandra Bagad HSS
385 Re-examination: PSY790A Dr. DEVPRIYA KUMAR HSS
386 PHI786A: Evolutionary Theories of Knowledge and Cognition Dr. Lalit Saraswat HSS
387 ENG752A: Comparative Aesthetics Dr. Mini Chandran HSS
388 PSY151AA: Introduction to Psychology Dr. Shikha Dixit, Dr. Braj Bhushan HSS
389 ENG762A: Topics In Linguistics Universals and Typology Dr. Chaithra Puttaswamy HSS
390 ART103AA: Introduction to Western Art Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
391 ENG744A: Documentary Film-History & Theory Dr. Syed Feroz HSS
392 PSY151B: Introduction to Psychology Dr. Braj Bhushan, Dr. Shikha Dixit HSS
393 ART102AA: Introduction to Art Appreciation and Criticism Dr. K P Patil HSS
394 ENG750A: Postwar American Fiction Dr. G. Neelakantan HSS
395 ART703A: Studio Art Practices Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
396 ENG716A: Individual Projects Dr. Sudharshana N P HSS
397 ART106AA: Elements of Visual Representation Dr. R Bhowmik, Dr. S T Roy HSS
398 ART711A: Creative Painting-Methodology & Practices Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik HSS
399 ENG122A: Introduction to Linguistics Usha Udaar, Achla Raina HSS
400 PSY454A: Social Psychology Dr. Devpriya Kumar HSS