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S.No. Course Instructor Department
401 PSY454A: Social Psychology Dr. Devpriya Kumar HSS
402 ENG122A: Introduction to Linguistics Usha Udaar, Achla Raina HSS
403 ENG125AA: Introduction to Film Dr. Feroz Hassan HSS
404 SOC173AA: Introduction to Indian Society Dr. M Jha, Dr. A K Sharma HSS
405 PSY470A: Psychology of Wellbeing Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya HSS
406 ENG124A: Language and Society Dr. Chaithra Puttaswamy HSS
407 HSS401A: Soft Skills and Personality Development Dr. T. Ravichandran HSS
408 PHI143A: Introduction to Political Philosophy Dr. Vineet Sahu HSS
409 ENG112CA: English Language and Communication Dr. Sudharshana, Dr. Mini Chandran, Dr. G Neelakantan HSS
410 PSY499A: Psychology of Language Dr. Ark Verma HSS
411 PHI446A: Philosophy of Science Dr. Lalit Saraswat HSS
412 PSY770A: Bilingualism Dr. Ark Verma HSS
413 IME692A: Advanced Statistical Methods for Business Analytics Dr. Shankar Prawesh IME
414 MBA713A: Performance Management Dr. Amit Shukla IME
415 MBA646A: Enterprise Integration with It Dr. Veena Bansal IME
416 MBA717A: Governance of Global Value Chains Dr. Rahul Varman IME
417 MBA647A: Business Process Management Dr. Subhas Chandra Misra IME
418 MBA606A: Economic Analysis for Management Dr. Subhankar IME
419 VLM604: Automation & Robotics In Manufacturing Dr. Ashish Dutta IME
420 MBA731A: Business to Business Marketing Dr. Subhankar IME
421 MBA651A: Quantitative Methods for Decision Making Dr. Faiz Hamid IME
422 IME602A: Probability and Statistics Dr. Sri Vanamalla V IME
423 MBA749A: Social Media Analytics I Dr. Shankar Prawesh IME
424 MBA652A: Statistical Modelling for Business Analytics Dr. Devlina Chatterjee IME
425 MBA772A: Derivative Contracts Dr. Suman Saurabh IME
426 MBA623A: Strategic Management Dr. R R K Sharma IME
427 VLM605: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Dr. Janakarajan Ramkumar IME
428 Re-examination: IME642A Dr. Vipin B IME
429 MBA663A: Total Quality Management Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
430 MBA774A: Credit Risk Management & Modelling Dr. B V Phani IME
431 IME603A: Introduction to Computing Dr. Veena Bansal IME
432 MBA664A: Supply Chain Management Dr. Vipin B IME
433 MBA777A: Advanced Valuation Dr. B V Phani IME
434 MBA631A: Marketing Management Dr. Amit Shukla IME
435 MBA666A: Project Management Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
436 VLM606: Data Analysis and Decision Making Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
437 IME605A: Operations Research for Management Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
438 MBA634A: Consumer Behaviour Dr. Jitender Kumar IME
439 MBA683A: Power Sector Reform & Regulation: Theory and Practice Dr. Anoop Singh IME
440 VLM601: Product Design and New Product Management Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya IME
441 IME636A: Introduction to Game Theory Dr. Sri Vanamalla V IME
442 VLM602: Supply Chain Management Dr. Deepu Philip IME
443 MBA712A: Organizational Staffing Dr. Amit Shukla IME
444 MBA601A: Accounting & Finance Dr. B V Phani IME
445 IME672A: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Dr. Faiz Hamid IME
446 MBA643A: Simulation Of Business Systems Dr. Deepu Philip IME
447 MTH409A: Computer Programming and Data Structures Dr. B V R Kumar MATH
448 MTH392A: Under Graduate Project II Dr. Kaushik Bal MATH
449 MTH599A: Project II Dr. Kaushik Bal MATH
450 MTH101A: Mathematics I Dr. P Shunmugara MATH