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S.No. Course Instructor Department
401 MTH754A: Probability Theory Dr. Minerva Mukhopadhyay MATH
402 MTH755A: Statistical Inference Dr. Sharmishtha Mitra MATH
403 MSO203B: Partial Differential Equations Dr. T Muthukumar, Dr. Kaushik Bal MATH
404 MTH201A/A: A First Course In Linear Algebra Dr. Santosh Nadimpalli MATH
405 MTH201A/B: A First Course In Linear Algebra Dr. Somnath Jha MATH
406 ME685A: Applied Numerical Methods Dr. Malay Kumar Das ME
407 ME742A: Boiling And Condensation Dr. P S Ghoshdastidar ME
408 ESO209A: Dynamics Dr. Ishan Sharma ME
409 ME251A: Engineering Design And Graphics Dr. Anindya Chatterjee ME
410 ME301A: Energy Systems I Dr. Avinash Kumar Agarwal ME
411 ME321A: Advance Mechanics Of Solids Dr. Chandraprakash Chindam ME
412 ME340A: Introduction To Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Dr. Umesh Madanan ME
413 ME352A: Theory Of Mechanisms & Machines Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta ME
414 ME361A: Manufacturing Science & Technology Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya, Dr. Supratik Mukhopadhyay ME
415 ME399A: Mechanical Engineering Communication Skills Dr. Sameer Khandekar ME
416 ME401A: Energy Systems-Ii Dr. Aditya Saurabh ME
417 ME617A: Advanced Theory Of Turbomachinery Dr. Subrata Sarkar ME
418 ME621A: Introduction To Solid Mechanics Dr. Basant Lal Sharma ME
419 ME623A: Finite Element Methods In Engineering Mechanics Dr. Sumit Basu ME
420 ME625A: Applied Dynamics And Vibrations Dr. Shakti Singh Gupta ME
421 ME630A: Computational Fluid Dynamics And Heat Transfer Dr. Anikesh Pal ME
422 ME631A: Viscous Flow Theory Dr. Sachin Y Shinde ME
423 ME634A: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Dr. Gautam Biswas ME
424 ME641A: Conduction And Radiation Dr. Santanu De ME
425 ME645A: Solar Energy Technology Dr. Jishnu Bhattacharya ME
426 ME649A: Experimental Methods In Thermal Sciences Dr. K Muralidhar ME
427 ME662A: Machining Science Ii Dr. Janakarajan Ramkumar ME
428 ME666A: Inviscid Flows Dr. Pranav Joshi ME
429 ME668A: Machining Dynamics Dr. Mohit Subhash Law ME
430 ME670A: Additive Manufacturing Dr. Arvind Kumar ME
431 ME681A: Mathematics For Engineers Dr. Manjesh Singh ME
432 ME711A: Computational Turbulence Dr. Arun Kumar Saha ME
433 ME721A: Theory Of Plasticity Dr. Anurag Gupta ME
434 ME756A: Vibration Control Dr. B Bhattacharya ME
435 ME757A: Dynamics Of Rotating Machinery Dr. N S Vyas ME
436 ME762A: Introduction To Robotics Dr. Ashish Dutta ME
437 ME778A: Engineering Acoustics And Its Control Dr. Akhilesh Mimani ME
438 TA202A/D: Manufacturing Processes Ii Dr. Niraj Sinha ME
439 MS601A: Structural & Magnetic Properties Of Materials Dr. Sri Sivakumar, Dr. Anandh Subramaniam MS
440 MS602A: Electrical And Dielectric Materials Dr. Raj Ganesh S Pala, Dr. Md Jaleel Akhtar MS
441 MS603A: Mechanical Properties Of Materials Dr. Kamal K Kar MS
442 MS698A: Graduate Seminar Dr. Rajeev Gupta MS
443 MSE628A: Electronic Devices And Characterization Dr. Deepak Gupta MSE
444 ESO205A: Nature And Properties Of Materials Dr. Nilesh Prakash Gurao MSE
445 MSE201A: Thermodynamics & Phase Equilibria Dr. Kallol Mondal MSE
446 MSE300A: Professional & Technical Communication Dr. Anshu Gaur MSE
447 MSE301A: Phase Transformations Dr. Rajdip Mukherjee MSE
448 MSE302A: Mechanical Behaviour Of Materials Dr. Niraj Chawake MSE
449 MSE303A: Electronic & Magnetic Properties Of Materials Dr. Kanwar Singh Nalwa MSE
450 MSE311A: Physical Metallurgy Laboratory Dr. Vivek Verma MSE