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AE648A: Flight Stability And Control

Course Description

Flight stability and control of fixed-wing aircrafts

Course Content

Topics that will be covered in this course are:

1) Flight Static Stability (Longitudinal, Directional, Lateral)

2) Equations of Motion (Perturbation Theory)

3) Flight Dynamic Stability

4) Dynamic Motion (without feedback control) - Flight Modes

5) Feedback Control (only if time permits)

Course Audience

Graduate Students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, who have opted for specialization in Flight Mechanics and Control.

Outcomes of this Course

To learn the concepts related to the following topics:

1) Static and dynamic flight stability of fixed-wing aircrafts

2) Perturbed equations of motion for fixed-wing flight

3) Flight stability modes

4) Introduction to control theory (only if time permits)