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Course Description

The engineering properties of concrete are basically developed or evolved as a result of microstructural changes that happen in Portland cement systems. This course introduces students to the basics of concrete science involving the role of concrete ingredients and/or the cement hydration process. In addition, we will discuss the fresh and hardened concrete properties that are required for an engineer at an advanced level. Also, the test methods for assessment of different properties and the parameters affecting test methods are elaborated to students.


Lecture Time: Monday &Thursday: 12:00 noon to 1:15 pm

Class Venue: Tutorial Block 206 (T206)


Important Note: 

This course is a modular course, starting from the start (1st class will be on Aug 1st) of the semester and completing by the middle of the semester (i.e., the last class will be on Sep. 15th). So, the duration of this course is only about 6 weeks.

Please Be Completely Involved In The Course!

Course Content

The course content can be downloaded from the "Resources" section of your Mookit portal

Course Audience

M-Tech in Structural Engg. (as compulsory course)

B-Tech-M-Tech Dual Degree (as elective)

B-Tech (3rd & 4th year) Civil Engg. (as elective)

Other Interested Ph. D students in Civil Engineering (as elective)