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CGS603A: Methods And Tools In Cognitive Science

Course Description

The objective of this course is to equip students to be able to program the design, experimentation and analysis of sophisticated cognitive science studies independently, and to be able to implement and fit simple cognitive models to behavioural data.

The course combines lectures and hands-on experimental exercises. Some experience in programming is desirable. To foster improved writing and presentation skills in conducting and

critiquing research in cognitive science, students are required to provide reports and give oral

presentations of three team experiments. A fourth individually conducted experiment includes a proposal, conducting an original or a replication study and presentation of the results. Evaluation will be made on the basis of oral presentation and report.

Course Content


  1. Basic Research Methodologies-
  2. Designing experiments.
  3. Tools in Cognitive Science
  4. Writing Research Papers and Presenting your work
  5. Studying and Critiquing past experiments


M (T105) W (T105) 10:00-11:00 ,F (T105) 12:00-13:00


Course Material