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PSY454A: Social Psychology

Course Description

Intermediate level course on social psychology that investigates various aspects of social psychology including the methods employed, various domains within social psychology including both theories and applicaitons

Course Content


Introduction and methods

Social Cognition & Perception

Conformity and obedience

Self and Identity

Attitudes, stereotyping, and prejudice

Interpersonal attraction and relationships

Aggression, violence & prosocial behavior

Groups and Individuals

Course Audience

UG students preferably with a previous background in psychology

Class Timings

Discussion hours on Mondays 10:00-11:00 AM

Video Lectures released on Fridays 12:00 PM & Wednesday 10:00 AM

Office Timings

Send a mail for a one one one discussion session

Outcomes of this Course

By the end of the course, the student should be

  • Familiar with the basic field of social psychology
  • Understand social psychology as a scientific endeavor
  • Understand the methodology used in conducting research in the field of social psychology
  • Able to appreciate various domains within social psychology and use them to understand the contemporary social scenario.
  • Understand the implications that social psychology has in real life as well for other disciplines.