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PSY789A: Psy789A: Learning Memory And Cognition

Course Description

By the end of the course, students should be familiar with the neural basis of learning and memory, as well as theories of learning and memory.

Course Content

  1. The psychology of learning and memory
  2. The neuroscience of learning and memory
  3. Episodic and semantic memory: memory for facts and events
  4. Skill memory: learning by doing
  5. Working memory and executive control
  6. Non-associative learning
  7. Classical conditioning
  8. Instrumental conditioning: learning the consequences of behaviour
  9. Generalization, discrimination, and the representation of similarity
  10. Observational learning: watching, listening, and remembering        

Course Audience

PG students with a background in cognitive science/psychology/neuroscience

Class timings

TF- 14:00-15:15 Live classes on Zoom link shared in the announcement section