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Course Description

The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the creep and high-temperature deformation of materials. The course intends to meet the needs of researchers and scholars in the general area of creep and high-temperature plasticity by covering their fundamental concepts and engineering applications. Apart from emphasizing the structure-property correlation, the course also provides exposure to state-of-the-art knowledge, advanced techniques, modeling, and newer creep-resistant materials. The selected case studies discussed in the course will help apply the scientific understanding to the application part. The course will also include some laboratory demonstrations of the phenomena discussed in class together with an appropriate analysis of the data.

Course Content

  • Creep Phenomenology and Mechanisms
  • Creep and high-temperature deformation of Advanced Alloys, Intermetallics, and Ceramics
  • Creep representation, Life Predication: Methods and Extrapolation models, Modelling of creep
  • Superplasticity
  • Advanced topics in Creep
  • Case studies and Special topics

Course Audience

Folks interested in

  • Developing an understanding of the deformation of materials subjected to high temperatures
  • Developing creep resistant materials for strategic and critical applications

Outcomes of this Course

It is expected that after going through this course, a student will develop an understanding of the physics of creep and high-temperature deformation of materials. Also, one will be able to comprehend the scientific literature and will be equipped to carry research on these topics.