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PHY102AA: Physics-I

Course Description

The course will run fully in the online mode on IIT Kanpur’s mooKIT web platform. All course material including video lectures and assignments will be uploaded weekly. You will go through the course material as per the weekly schedule given below. There will be a total of about 35 lectures and 10 tutorials in the course. 

The weekly schedule will include one live Discussion Session (Monday, 15:00-15:50 hrs) to discuss any course related doubts, and one live Tutorial Session (Thursday, 15:00-15:50 hrs) to learn problem-solving skills based on material covered in the previous week. You will attend the Tutorial Session according to your respective Section. A Problem Set (assignment) will be given every week, out of which few problems will be discussed in the Tutorial and Lectures. You are expected to work out the other problems as part of your self study. In addition, there will be a Discussion Forum for each lecture where you can post any doubt/question which can be answered by anyone of you or the instructor. All quizzes and exams will also be conducted on the mooKIT platform.

Weekly Schedule

Lectures      :  Online (uploaded)

Discussion  :  Monday 15:00-15:50 (live session)

Tutorial       :  Thursday 15:00-15:50 (live session)

1. Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow, An Introduction to Mechanics (Tata McGraw Hill, Indian Edition)
2. David Morin, Introduction to Classical Mechanics with Problems and Solutions (Cambridge Univ. Press) 
Reference Books
3. The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. I
4. Manoj Harbola, Engineering Mechanics (Cengage Learning India) 
5. Mahendra Verma, Introduction to Mechanics (Universities Press India) 

Quiz : 60 marks
Mid Sem Exam : 80 marks
End Sem Exam : 80 marks

Course Content

Transformation of Scalars and Vectors under Rotation, Form Invariance of Newton's Second Law, Forces in Nature, Solving Newton's Equations of Motion in Polar Coordinates for problems including Constraint and Friction, extension to Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates, Potential Energy Function, Conservative and Non Conservative Forces, Central Forces, Energy Equation and Diagrams, Elliptical, Parabolic, and Hyperbolic Orbits, Harmonic Oscillator with Damping, Forced Oscillations and Resonance, inclusion of Nonlinear Force and Chaotic Motion, Phase Space Description, Non Inertial Frames of Reference, Centrifugal and Coriolis Forces, Weather Systems, Foucault Pendulum, Angular Momentum and Torque, Rigid Body Dynamics, Moment of Inertia Tensor, Principal Axes, Torque Free Precession, Gyroscopes, Euler Equations, Special Relativity, Lorentz Transformation, Length Contraction, Time Dilation, Velocity Addition, Relativistic Dynamics, Energy-Mass Relation

Outcomes of this Course

Course Objective: Core Physics serves a dual purpose. First, these courses impart to students physics knowledge beyond what they have learnt in their school and thus strengthen the scientific foundations on which their further education at IIT Kanpur is based. Secondly, the courses develop in students scientifically sophisticated way of thinking and help build up their scientific temperament.