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Course Description

The “Experimental Physics” laboratory contains experiments from Modern Physics, Optics, Solid State Physics, Nuclear and Atomic Physics topics. Students will perform experiments assigned to them twice a week.

Course Content

List of experiments:

1. Error Analysis

2. Stefan’s Constant

3. Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment

4. Bragg’s Diffraction with Microwaves

5. Magnetic Hysteresis

6. Faraday Rotation

7. Electron Spin Resonance

8. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

9. Michelson’s Interferometer using Sodium Lamp

10. Michelson’s Interferometer using He-Ne Laser

11. Diffraction of He-Ne Laser Beam  by 2D Objects

12. Concave Grating Spectrometer, Rowland Mounting

13. Iodine Absorption Spectrum

14. Zeeman Effect

15. Fluorescence of Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate (U.N.H)

16. Measurement of Lifetime of Photoluminescence

17. Hall Effect

18. Temperature dependence  of  Hall effect

19. Magnetoresistance and its Field Dependence

20. Electrical Resistance of Superconductor

21. Ionic Conductivity of Alkali Hallide

22. G. M. Counter, Counting Statistics and g Absorption Cross Section

23. Proportional Counter

24. Gamma Ray Spectrometer

25. Beta Ray Spectroscopy

24. X-Ray Diffraction

25. Study of Thermoluminescence of Colour Centers in Crystals

26. Electrical Conductivity and Bandgap Measurements

27. Photoconductivity Experiment

28. Planck’s constant

29. Characteristics of Microwave Generator (Klystron)

30. Study of Gunn Oscillator

31. Electro-Optic Effect

32. Kerr Effect

33. Phase Transition in BaTiO3

34. PE Hysteresis

35. AC Susceptibility of a High TC Superconductor

36. Electrical and Thermal conductivity in metals

Course Audience

MSc (2 yr), MSc-PhD dual degree and BS-MS students