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S.No. Course Sort descending Instructor Department
301 ES644A: Remote Sensing And Gis For Geo-Resource Evaluation Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
302 ES648A: Instrumentation In Earth Sciences Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
303 ES657A: Experimental Rock Mechanics & Rock Physics Dr. Santanu Misra ES
304 ES664A: Rock Magnetism Dr. Amar Agarwal ES
305 ES666A: Applied hydrogeology Dr. Tajdarul Syed ES
306 ES667A: Geodynamics Dr. Rabiul Biswas ES
307 ES668A: Oceanography Dr. S.W.A. Naqvi ES
308 ESC201T: Introduction To Electronics Dr. Adrish Banerjee EE
309 ESO201A: Thermodynamics Dr. Raj Ganesh S Pala CHE
310 ESO202A: Mechanics Of Solids Dr. Suparno Mukhopadhyay CE
311 ESO203T: Introduction To Electrical Engineering Dr. Ankush Sharma EE
312 ESO207A: Data Structure & Algorithm Dr. Raghunath Tewari CSE
313 GNSS FOR SURVEYING & MAPING: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
314 GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Dr. Nagarajan Balasubramanian CE
315 HSO201A: Applied Probability And Statistics Dr. Somesh Kumar Mathur CE
316 HSS401A: Soft Skills And Personality Development Dr. T Ravichandran HSS
317 IME611A: Financial Engineering Dr. Shankar Prawesh, Dr. Suman Saurabh IME
318 IME624A: Computer Aided Decision Systems Dr. Deepu Philip IME
319 IME625A: Indroduction To Stochastic Processes And Their Applications Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
320 IME634A: Management Decision Analysis Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IME
321 IME637A: Advanced Decision Models Dr. Sri Vanamalla V IME
322 IME639A: Analytics In Transport And Telecom Dr. Faiz Hamid IME
323 IME642A: Operations Management Dr. Vipin B IME
324 IME671A: Software Project Management Dr. Subhas Chandra Misra IME
325 IME673A: Applied Machine Learning Dr. Veena Bansal IME
326 IME698A: Seminar Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
327 IME700A: Research Methodology Dr. Devlina Chatterjee IME
328 IME709A: Productivity And Efficiency Analysis: Theory And Benchmarking Applications Dr. Anoop Singh IME
329 MBA608A: Macroeconomic Analysis For Management Dr. Subhankar IME
330 MBA611A: Organization Structure And Design Dr. Rahul Varman IME
331 MBA616A: Human Resource Management Dr. Amit Shukla IME
332 MBA617A: Socio-Political And Ethical Aspects Of Business Dr. Rahul Varman IME
333 MBA622A: Manufacturing Strategy Dr. R R K Sharma IME
334 MBA633A: Marketing Research Dr. Shankar Prawesh IME
335 MBA661A: Production And Operations Management Dr. Vipin B IME
336 MBA665A: Manufacturing Planning And Control Dr. R R K Sharma IME
337 MBA677A: Project Financing & Management Dr. Anoop Singh IME
338 MBA685A: Product & Brand Management Dr. Jitender Kumar IME
339 MBA698A: Management Seminars Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
340 mba702a2021 Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
341 MBA703A: Capstone Project Iii Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
342 MBA704A: Capstone Project Iv Dr. Avijit Khanra IME
343 MBA734A: Marketing Of Services Dr. Avijit Khanra, Dr. Chandan Chatterjee IME
344 MBA735A: Strategic Marketing Dr. Avijit Khanra, Dr. Chandan Chatterjee IME
345 MBA746A: E-Supply Chain Management Dr. Subhas Chandra Misra IME
346 MBA747A: Business Management Using Cloud Dr. Subhas Chandra Misra IME
347 MBA752A: Time Series Modeling For Business Analytics Dr. Devlina Chatterjee IME
348 MBA753A: Causal Inference Methods For Business Analytics Dr. Subhankar IME
349 MBA771A: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Dr. Suman Saurabh IME
350 MBA773A: Financial Intermediation & Commercial Banking Dr. B V Phani IME