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S.No. Course Instructor Department
301 EE634A: Electrical Insulation in Power Apparatus and Systems Dr. Nandini Gupta EE
302 Re-examination: EE623A Dr. Kasturi Vasudevan EE
303 Re-examination: EE636A Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
304 EE641A: Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics Dr. A. R. Harish EE
305 EE685A: Semiconductor Optical Communication Devices Dr. Utpal Das EE
306 Re-examination: EE644A Dr. Md Jaleel Akhtar EE
307 EE642A: Antennas Analysis & Synthesis Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava EE
308 Re-examination: EE698N Dr. Baquer Mazhari EE
309 EE698D: Smart Grid Technology Dr. Ankush Sharma EE
310 Re-examination: EE698Q Dr. Aditya K Jagannatham EE
311 EE645A: Monolithic Microwave ICS Dr. Md Jaleel Akhtar EE
312 EE698J: Kalman Filtering & Applications Dr. Naren Naik EE
313 EE698U: Optimization for Big Data Dr. Ketan Rajawat EE
314 EE646A: Photonic Networks & Switching Dr. Yatindra Nath Singh EE
315 EE698V: Machine Learning for Signal Processing Dr. Vipul Arora EE
316 EE698W: Analog Circuits for Signal Processing Dr. Imon Mondal EE
317 EE614A: Solid State Devices I Dr. Krishna Balasubramanian EE
318 EE650A: Basics of Modern Control Systems Dr. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo EE
319 Re-examination: ESO203A Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma EE
320 EE616A: Semiconductor Device Modelling Dr. Aloke Dutta EE
321 EE653A: Digital Control Dr. Ramprasad Potluri EE
322 EE491A: Under Graduate Project -III Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra EE
323 EE660T: Basics of Power Electronic Converters Dr. Parthasarathi Sensarma EE
324 EE617A: Industrial Automation And Control Dr. Nishchal K Verma EE
325 EE602A: Statistical Signal Processing-I Dr. Rajesh Mahanand Hegde EE
326 EE664A: Fundamentals of Electric Drives Dr. S. P. Das EE
327 ES455A: Analytical Methods in Earth Sciences Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
328 Re-examination: ES648A Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
329 ES640A: Earth System Processes Dr. Rajiv Sinha ES
330 ES641A: Environmental Geology Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
331 Re-examination: ES415A Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
332 ES649A: Isotope Geochemistry and Applications Dr. Debajyoti Paul ES
333 ES650A: Communication Skills in Earth Sciences Dr. Amar Agarwal ES
334 ES651A: Mathematics for Earth Sciences Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
335 Re-examination: ES661A Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
336 ES656A: Geophysical Methods Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
337 ES662A: Advanced Metamorphic Petrology Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
338 ES311T: Crystallography and Mineralogy Dr. Deepak Dhingra ES
339 ES681A: Potential Field Theory In Applied Geophysics Dr. Animesh Mandal ES
340 ES400A: Communication Skills in Earth Sciences Dr. Indra Sekhar Sen ES
341 ES411A: Structural Geology Dr. Amar Agarwal ES
342 ES412A: Sedimentary Processes & Stratigraphic Principles Dr. Rajiv Sinha ES
343 ESO213A: Fundamentals of Earth Sciences Dr. Santanu Misra ES
344 ES417A: Geological Evolution of Indian Plate Dr. Dibakar Ghosal ES
345 ES450A: Economic Geology Dr. Ishwar Cukkemane ES
346 Re-examination: ART105A Dr. Satyaki Roy HSS
347 ENG432A: Literature and Ideology Dr. Suchitra Mathur HSS
348 Re-examination: ART401A Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik HSS
349 PSY772A: Human Perceptual Process Dr. Devpriya Kumar HSS
350 Re-examination: PHI141A Dr. Lalit HSS