mooKIT UI Project

Course Instructor
Prof. J. Ramkumar
Prof. T. V. Prabhakar
Course Description

This opportunity is only for design students. 


mooKIT, a MOOC management system developed at IIT Kanpur, is used to offer more than 150 courses to 200000+ users in more than 160 countries. Over the last two years, IIT Kanpur used mooKIT to conduct online classes. More than 2200+ courses were offered to 10000+ students. HelloIITK portal is still used by the faculty to conduct assessments and distribute course materials. We have exciting plans to turn HelloIITK into a handy institute-wide LMS.


We are changing our user interfaces. We are looking for designers to work closely with the mooKIT development team to create a design language for our interfaces. 


What do we want to develop?


A design language. Not just an interface with colors and different fonts or an interface with repositioned elements. 


What is a design language?


A family of well-documented UI components, styles and patterns and rigorous rules to use them.




A design language clearly defines UI components, styles and patterns and a set of rules to use them. This enforces clarity, coherence and reduces clutter. Uniformity makes the websites more appealing. 


Accessibility features make the sites easier for differently abled persons. 


From a software development perspective, a set of well defined components like buttons, reduce duplicated code, enhance readability, and make websites load faster.


The same design language will be used in other products like video streaming platform in development.


What are the stages?


We plan to carry out the project in three stages. 


  1. UI Audit
  2. Language development
  3. Implementation


Your engagement will be high during UI Audit and language development. We will consult you during the implementation of interfaces.

Why should you consider participating?


This is a great project to showcase on your resumé. Your work will benefit many students and teachers, here at IITK and across the world. You are also compensated for your work. 


How many people are we looking for?


A team of 2-4 designers


How much are we going to pay?


Maximum of INR 15000 per month per person for a maximum of 50 hours of work in a month




Up to 3 months